Why doesn’t anyone care Hamas is bombing Israel again?

March 1, 2009

Hamas is pounding Israel with rockets and no one is saying a word. Hamas is putting innocent Palestinians at risk again and no one is saying anything. Hamas is the one inciting and breaking whatever “truce” there was. But the second Israel tries to defend itself – CNN will be plastered with footage of bloody women and children. This is why the Arab world is a monolith and will continue to be so.

Where does Hamas – who is completely surrounded and without access to air or sea – get 110 more rockets?

From CNN:

Over the weekend Palestinians fired nine rockets into southern Israel. One of them slammed into an empty school in the city of Ashkelon, causing extensive damage. Since the end of the military operation in Gaza, over 110 rockets have been fired into Israel, a spokeswoman for Israel’s military said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, in his weekly Cabinet meeting, that if the rockets don’t stop, the retaliation will be:

“painful, sharp, strong and uncompromising response”.

The Israeli response will — in no way — be what the terrorist organizations expect. The state of Israel has a wide range of options that will be utilized in order to bring complete quiet to the south.

Tomorrow, there is an international donors conference held in coordination with the Palestinian Authority in Cairo, Egypt to help rebuild the Gaza Strip – estimated $2B in damages. Saudi Arabia has pledged to donate $1B. One wonders how much will go (has been going) directly to Hamas. Why aren’t they speaking up right now?

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister who is now an international envoy for the Middle East, met with business leaders and representatives of nongovernmental organizations, as well as the top U.N. humanitarian official in Gaza and the Palestinian Water Authority on his way to the conference.

BLAIR: I wanted to come to hear for myself, first hand, from people in Gaza whose lives have been so badly impacted by the recent conflict.

Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton will be in attendance – though it is not being billed as an official State visit.

REUTERS: Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit:

We expect lots of commitments from everybody, lots of commitments for reconstruction.

And what if Egypt had not been allowing money and munitions to be smuggled into Hamas? Is anyone going to root out the tunnels and blow them up? Why not hand out money, clothing, medicine and cold hard cash to the people willing to expose where Hamas is hiding and who is helping them?

A senior State Department official in reference to Clinton and Gheit:

They agreed on the shared commitment to bring about a comprehensive peace and the need to have a successful Cairo conference.

State Department statement:

(The United States) hopes that conditions on the ground will allow the United States and other members of the international community to provide substantial levels of assistance to the people of Gaza.

Nothing will stop until Hamas is prosecuted for their crimes. The Arab World knew what was going to happen when Hamas was “voted” into power and they have done nothing to stop them or help the innocent people of Gaza.

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