What type of Commander in Chief does this?

Updated list of birth certificate posts

March 9, 2009

What is it going to take to make the media do their job?

Rather than investigate barry’s resistance to produce his long form birth certificate, they dismiss the “birthers” as conspiracist racists.

And the military who have to follow barry’s orders?

They are being called traitors by folks, like barry, who have never worn the uniform.

Folks who volunteered to put their lives on the line to protect the White House and its occupants are being called traitors just because they want absolute reassurance that anyone they harm in the performance of their sworn duty resulted from an order from someone with the Constitutional authority to do so.

That is it.

That is all they want.

One $6 piece of paper in exchange for their lives.

They are putting them on the line for a man who doesn’t care enough about them to prove he has the right to command them. Who doesn’t care enough to ease their minds – some of whom he will be sending to a certain death.

What type of man – let alone Commander in Chief – can do this?

What type of government lets him get away with it?

And The American People?

How can any descendant of an American veteran look themselves in the eye and continue to pretend it’s all a “conspiracy”?

Put yourselves in those soldier’s boots.

Would you want to have any doubt whatsoever that what you were doing was “lawful” under The Constitution?  A millisecond of hesitation could cost you your life, your fellow soldier’s lives and the lives of innocent civilians. Would factcheck be enough for you to pull the trigger?

And what is Mr Transparency Commander in Chief doing?

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting to keep his birth certificate hidden while allowing his minions to attack the folks – civilians, elected officials and both active and retired military – willing to stand up for the soldiers.

And the supposed watch dogs?

Are busy chatting about bare arms, gray hair, first pets and swingsets.

They can write article after article holding Bush accountable for getting us into Iraq but not a single word challenging the Constitutional authority of the person responsible for getting us out of there.

And the military itself?

Why are they not banding together?

How can General Petreaus serve his country with honor when he continues to look the other way with the mental well-being of his troops on the line?

Nowhere in his oath did he swear allegiance to the president. He swore to uphold The Constitution, and if barry is a usurper, he is not upholding The Constitution.

Enlisted vs Commissioned Military Oath of Office.

The fact that barry hasn’t honored their one and only request is more heinous than anything he is hiding.

Yes, he is hiding something. And he is not the only one who knows what he is hiding. The mother of his children knows, David Axelrod knows, the Vice President of the United States knows, the Supreme Court of the United States knows as does the Secret Service and other government intelligence agencies.

Speaking of which, why haven’t The American People been allowed to know definitely who hacked into barry’s passport records?

What if it was China?

What if they know barry is not Constitutionally eligible and that everything he signs is null and void?

What treaties could they violate? What contracts could they renege on?

And if they were to ask for their loans to be repaid?

How long would it take for the economy to completely implode?

So what is he hiding?

What takes precedence over the lives of the men and women he will be sending to Afghanistan?

The longer he waits to reveal it, the lower his approval rating will be, and the greater risk of widespread violence.

Yes, there will be violence – especially from the people who have been right all along, which includes Hillary people and those folks at the McCain-Palin rallies who did not yell “kill him!”

No one did.

Because it never happened.

How can he possibly think he is going to get away with it?

How can he sit in the Oval Office knowing he deceived The American People to get there and that military members are being disgraced so he can remain there?

The truth will eventually surface when someone loses their job and needing to feed his/her children will be more important than covering up for a man even they don’t know.

Has he given any thought of what his acts will mean to his young daughters?

Has Michelle thought about how her little girls will never be able to escape the internet and that every place they go in the world people will know what their father did?

How does he justify it?

What does he say to himself each time he quotes Abraham Lincoln?

What goes through his mind each time he signs an executive order?

And what exactly was he thinking when he swore on Abraham Lincoln’s personal Bible to uphold The Constitution?

Barack Obama rests his hands on a Bible.


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