The Messiah was born…in Hawaii?

March 13, 2009

Students at the University of Hawaii-Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media program are making a film called “Born In Hawaii.”

The premise:

The protagonist is a middle-aged and over-worked Japanese nurse named Iolana. Iolana is grappling with the upcoming anniversary of Pearl Harbor — an event for which she still feels the subtle tinge of prejudice against people of her ethnicity. When she finds out that she is being passed over for a promotion as head nurse of the medical staff, she contemplates quitting, until she decides to help a fellow nurse with one more pregnancy – that of Barack Obama.

The film asks: Can Iolana believe that this young African-American baby will have a flourishing life in Hawaii?

They are casting for an African American baby – not a biracial one – once again totally dissing the family who raised him.

According CAROL FORSLOFF of the Honolulu Advertiser [emphasis added]:

These University of Hawaii students will use a cast of local people for the story that takes place at Kapiolani Medical Center, the place where it is conjectured Obama was born. The story will relate how nurses and staff would feel if they knew that the child born there was going to grow up to be President of the United States. It focuses on one nurse in particular passed over for promotion and the baby that is born, with the impact that the event eventually had.

Folks are contented that he was born in Hawaii through some COLB that means nothing and yet they don’t find it strange that folks still don’t know what hospital he was supposedly born in.

For some skeptics showing a birth certificate might not have been enough.

…In the meantime Republican Governor Linda Lingle continues to refuse to allow anyone to see the original birth certificate of President Barack Obama, although a copy of it was photographed for the press.

When did this happen?


Is she referring to the Kos/factcheck COLB?

Because that was not for the “press” – it was for propaganda purposes by his home team. And if it were 100% legit, why wouldn’t he have released it to the press or at least to the folks suing him?

Other information specific to Obama’s life can be found in any one of his biographical books, but the best source of information on his early life can be found among those who knew him best: the people of Hawaii and the announcement of his birth from Vital Statistics included in the Honolulu Advertiser.

It seems Forsloff is not aware that the veracity of barry’s own words in his “autobiographies” has been called into question and many facts outed as complete fabrications. The most noteworthy, the very moment of  his “racial awakening” – seeing a picture in LIFE of a man who bleached his skin to be white. A complete and utter lie. No such picture ever existed in LIFE. And when questioned about it, he lied again saying that the saw it in Ebony. Nope. Not there either.

Think of the importance of that one lie. His book was supposed to be on being black in America – he was given a book deal because he was the first black Harvard Law Review President. That little myth was meant to signify his awakening as a black man – the very moment he felt his “otherness” – and it was a complete and utter lie.

It never happened.

So what does it say of his awakening? Was that fiction too? Was there no honest moment worth relating?

In the second publishing of his book, he was forced to admit in the preface that his characters were “composites”.

Once his characters were called into question – so was his own – especially since he had stood by them up until that point.

So none of the other information can be relied on as factual. None of it – unless proven by a third party. And the overwhelming majority of his mythical tales have no third party corroboration – like the story of his typical white person grandmother. Folks are just expected to believe him. And when he is asked for cold hard facts on paper, such as his birth certificate or schooling records, he fights their release.

And no one seems to find this unusual? Especially from a man claiming transparency?

What is it going to take?

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