Explanation: Danny Bickell

March 17, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits

**UPDATED: Decided it was better to separate the explanation from Leo Donofrio’s post about his interactions with Danny Boy Bickell. [see links below]

Went back in the archives and found some of Leo Donofrio’s posts from his original site to give a little background of Danny Bickell’s behavior.

FYI, Donofrio’s challenge had nothing to do with the birth certificate per se. In fact, he conceded that he believed barry was probably born in Hawaii. He challenged on the basis of barry being a dual citizen with dual allegiance at birth through his father’s conferred British citizenship – Kenya being under colonial rule in 1961.

The Supreme Court didn’t by it – or so it seemed at the time. Now one wonders if they ever even saw or read any of the Danny boy embargoed cases.

Danny boy being Danny Bickell, the ‘Stay’ clerk at the US Supreme Court, who Orly Taitz outed to the world in front of Justice Roberts, implicating him with docket tampering in both Donofrio’s and Taitz’s cases. (I don’t recall him being a problem with Berg – but not certain.) But it’s not exactly new news. “Birther’s” are familiar with him, if only as that bot clerk at the Supreme Court. He’s not a mystery and he hasn’t been trying to hide his acts, which made him all the more aggravating – his audacity.

There are ways to attempt to hide ones illegal intents that he didn’t even try to implement – so sure he was he wouldn’t get caught. He allegedly (most definitely) talked to multiple people, including the principle lawyers in two different proceedings on recordable phones that he wasn’t going to do what the law compelled him to do – even in the face of threatened sanction recommendations. And then he went so far as to take Lightfoot v Bowen completely off the docket after barry was inaugurated. Like he thought he was untouchable.

Might very well still be. There’s always the clause that could save barry: for the sake of national security, and in this cases it would be fully justified.

Justified. Nothing could ever make what he did justifiable.

It was a violation of the highest order, made worse by his “Constitutional law professor” (lecturer) and President of the Harvard Law Review experience. And then there’s his bogus claim of transparency. It’s taken over for the Iraq fairy tale, which he confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, with his politically expedient (what else) decision on troop withdrawal from Iraq.

30-50K “non-combat troops” left behind?

What does it say to a non-corrupted prosecutor when someone does what Danny allegedly did before anything could be decide on?

That he knows the decision could possibly go the other way – else why bother? Why bother now? The Inauguration is over – it was from the beginning.

With Donofrio v Wells, Danny (allegedly) refused to file the Stay until after the election took place. It was supposedly accepted and denied by Justice Souter on Nov 6th. Donofrio asked Bickell be investigated. He wasn’t. Though I’m not sure how far Donofrio went.

With Taitz’s case, Lightfoot v Bowen, Danny (allegedly) removed it from the Supreme Court docket the day after barry was inaugurated. This is how sure he was no one would care – even if the “birthers” cried foul.

When you read the blue highlighted portion of Donofrio’s posts concerning Bickell, recall that this was back in November and that what Bickell did (did not do) prevented an emergency stay of the general election. No matter the outcome – no matter if the case had a snowball’s chance – a bot at the Supreme Court helped his leader get elected.

This is the Supreme Court of the United States, folks. The new Chicago style Washington.

The Change we can believe in!

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