Malaysian Foreign Minister praises shoethrower

March 20, 2009

I know these posts are dated but I’m just finding them in the drafts.

(12-20) Malaysia is mostly Muslim but it is supposedly an ally of the US. This is what the foreign minister, Rais Yatim had to say about the shoethrower. He was speaking at an event commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the United Nations and the title of his speech was: “The Importance of Peace and Harmony in multiracial Malaysia”.

YATIM: The best show of retaliation so far is the shoe throwing act by that remarkable reporter who gave President Bush his final farewell last week.

That shoe throwing episode, in my view is truly the best Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) to the leader who coined the phrase ‘axis of evil’ to denote Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Not sure why “axis of evil” is such a bad thing. Maybe including Iraq was the problem. Is there any free country who doesn’t think Iran and North Korea are evil? And what other words of “peace and harmony” did he use?


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