Dear birther haters:

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March 22, 2009

Have you ever asked yourself why the birth certificate issue bothers you so?

Why you have to write post after post of ridicule and personal attacks on a “bleach blonde immigrant dentist posing as a lawyer with an online degree” in an effort to defend someone you voted for but know nothing about?

Who is it you think you are helping?

The soldier in Iraq following the orders of a man ineligible to give them?

And if that soldier happens to kill an innocent child in the performance of his duty and later learns the Commander in Chief’s order were unconstitutional?

Is that who you are helping?

How much time have you spent researching Orly Taitz and the rest of the “birthers” vs listening to barry’s words and comparing them to his (in)actions?

How many posts have you written about the tinfoil-wearing sore losers vs barry’s reversal on bringing the troops home like he promised you to get you to vote for him?

How does it feel to be used to push legislation through for him when he hasn’t admitted to you he knew about the bonuses before he took office? That he knew exactly what was going on?

Does truth in any form matter to you?

How do you reconcile his claims of transparency when he is/has been/will continue to refuse to provide even the most basic of records?

Do you not have any natural curiosity as to why a 47 y/o man refuses to release his medical records?

Or why a self-proclaimed brilliant man won’t release his school records?

Or why a man, who pandered his humble beginnings and said he only just recently paid off his school debt, won’t release his college records, specifically financial aid records?

Do you not care to know the truth?

How are you going to feel when it is finally revealed that he is ineligible to be president?

You who gave up your job or skipped a semester so you could campaign for him?

You who donated precious money?

And those of you who have strained personal, family or work relations because of this election?

Why does it not bother you that a man claiming transparency is anything but?

Why does it not bother you that he laughs at his deception – of you – while you work hard to keep the deception from being revealed?

Why do you feel the need to attack like you did during the election?

He’s already won, hasn’t he?

Have you ever, in the quietest corner of your mind, wondered about any of this?

Have you ever allowed yourself to ponder what it would mean if it were true?

It would mean that a lawyer, constitutional lecturer and US Senator knew from day one that he was ineligible.

It would mean that he willingly allowed the former president and first lady to be labeled racists.

It would mean that he willingly allowed a man, who has served his nation for 55 years, including being a POW for five of them, to be compared to George Wallace.

It would mean that he willingly allowed a pregnant teenager to be attacked just so he could win something he knew he was not eligible for.

It would mean that his wife willingly placed her ambition ahead of her young daughters’ future.

It would mean that he lied to each and every one of you and that you in turn promoted and protected a liar and a conman.

It would mean Hillary Clinton was knowingly, and with malice and forethought, kept from becoming president of the United States.

And it would mean that each and every one of you, when given the chance, preferred to remain blinded.

3 Responses to “Dear birther haters:”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Romney’s family fled to Mexico for religious reasons. His dad was born there – Mitt in Michigan. I don’t care about McCain or Romney – neither of them are president.

    Your links don’t work.

    Dr Fukino:

    State law (Hawai’i Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.

    Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai’i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai’i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.

    Dr Fukino has not added to her statement and her spokesman did not see the document. Only Fukino and the Registrar of Vital Statistics who “has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records.” Thus, nothing her spokesman says matters.

    Original” meaning it was produced in Hawaii

    She said only “original birth certificate” – she did not say original Hawaiian birth certificate. Semantics – but true.

    but don’t expect me to think that Fukino’s statement was not meant to confirm President Obama was born in Hawaii

    You cannot conjecture what she “meant” only what she said which, she herself has not amended.

    I have no interest in looking for anything. I have no need. barry’s COLB has not been vetted to have come from the original Dr Fukino vetted. Nothing will change that except her coming forward and saying so – she hasn’t.

    Period. End of story.

    Where did I say he was lying specifically about his citizenship? I have said repeatedly I don’t care what’s on that paper – I care that he is refusing to release it as well as other documents and records. And by doing so, he is a liar by the mere fact he claims to be “transparent”.

    You cannot be serious with this:

    Again, how do you know President Obama has not been vetted? This was confirmed to you by an internet forum, or blog?

    How do I know he hasn’t been vetted? Truly, was that a joke?

    Ask yourself would Hillary Clinton have been allowed to become president without showing her school records, her medical records or her birth certificate? Absolutely not. barry has not been vetted. Period. And that is wrong. That is media corruption pure and simple. And that is what I care about. And I find it frightening that citizens – whether they doubt his citizenship or not – don’t care about that. Look what happened when the media did not do their job questioning and investigating Iraq before we went in there. With barry the complications are staggering.

    The connection between the COLB and BC is what it is

    Yes, and what it is is unvetted and unproven and will remain so until he releases it to someone not associated with him. Why has barry not released it to a neutral site or person? Politifact, factcheck, Kos and swamp are not in any way neutral. Why hasn’t he produced it to a judge in chambers to put an end to all the lawsuits?

    There is not one shred of evidence to disprove PolitiFact’s conclusion that the candidate’s name is Barack Hussein Obama, or to support allegations that the birth certificate he released isn’t authentic.

    Nor is there one shred of evidence to prove that the allegations aren’t true. They call it a birth certificate – intentionally misleading everyone who reads it and that should say enough about their “factchecking”

    Stalemate. Nothing anyone else says will change it until Dr Fukino comes out and says that the COLB that barry’s people have supplied comes directly from the vault copy she vetted.

    Why hasn’t she considering the fact that Andy Martin is still actively suing Hawaii trying to get the original vault copy via the FOI act?

    And nothing is going to change the fact that he is hiding something. If he isn’t he would have ended all of this back in August. That is simple logic that cannot be gone around with discussions of the authenticity of documents.

    As I’ve said to Mike in another comment area – a 5 y/o wouldn’t buy the COLB. You tell a 5 y/o you have a $50 in your hand and yet refuse to show it to her – no way she is going to believe it. Because if it was a $50 you wouldn’t hesitate to show her.

  2. mattie14 Says:

    Chester Aurthur is not a modern president.

    John McCain’s birth certificate has been seen and vetted – it doesn’t matter how it got there – it has no relevance to barry’s COLB.

    You state that children could get a COLB from Hawaii saying that they were born in Hawaii when they were actually born in another country is completly false and you know it. COLBs will always state exactly where the Birth Certificates states as the place of birth. Please stop taking me as a fool.

    barry’s family could have gotten a COLB even if he was born outside Hawaii. Yes. Absolutely. And a legal COLB should have the same country of birth. Yes. Absolutely.

    But barry’s COLB has not been proven to be legal and he steadfastly refuses to have anyone look at it besides factcheck. Factcheck has personal ties to barry – it is not a neutral site – therefore it’s “factcheck” cannot be relied upon. Especially when they refer to the CERTIFICATION of Live Birth as his birth CERTIFICATE.

    They are not the same.

    If you don’t want to take Dr. Fukino’s statement that they have they the original birth document, as confirmation that he was indeed born in Hawaii,

    Can’t take or not take it. The conclusion cannot be made from her words. She said nothing about where he was born. Only that his long form is present and legal. She did not vouch for the COLB. She did not vouch for him being a natural born citizen. And even after questions arose to her statement, she did not come forward to add to it, clarify it, or state outright where he was born.

    This is utter nonsense:

    Continue to cling to these absurd conspiracy all the way to 2012 to fuel your obsession with why you don’t want Presiden Obama in office. I am sure you grow tired of it as all of the lawsuits go away.

    Truth is not an obsession. I don’t care what he does. I don’t care what is on that piece of paper. I don’t care if he was born in the Lincoln Bedroom. I care that he is lying and the media is looking the other way. I care that they have never vetted him and still aren’t. I care that anyone who speaks out against him is called names and personally attacked by folks who have no idea who barry is or the facts of the cases against him.

    And the lawsuits have not gone away – nor will they.

    This is false statement.

    He has shown his COLB, which has all the pertinent info from his long form that shows he is a Natural Born Citizens. No need to release the long form.

    You cannot state that the COLB has all the pertinent information because the COLB itself is in question. You cannot connect the two no matter how you try and no matter how rude you choose to be in the process.

  3. mattie14 Says:

    Hey Bmac.

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Some of your statements are not accurate.

    Yes, I think the government knows exactly what is going on and have for a long while and now it’s too late The SS knew he was in the pews when Wright was ranting or they would have said he wasn’t. And someone had to have seen his passport when it was breached. China breached the computer system around the same time. At this point, it is a national and international security risk for the truth to be known – think of everything barry has been briefed on. And there would be riots in the US and the Arab world would lose what little trust they have. Why barry promised a trip to an Arab capital within the first 100 days and why he gave his first presidential interview to Arab media.

    Sen John McCain was asked to release his birth certificate to satisfy the masses. And he did. He was also being sued by the some of people who were suing barry. Sens Claire McCaskill and Patrick Leahy tried to pull an end around by “passing” a nonbinding senate resolution declaring McCain was a natural born citizen. Why would dems make it easier for McCain to be president? Because they then tried to generalize it to barry.

    Mitt Romney was also asked for his – he was born in Mexico.

    Can you name a modern president whose father was not born in the US and who was not an American citizen at any point in his life like barry’s?

    And it’s not the masses that need to be satisfied – the Framers of The Constitution need to be satisfied. barry is a self-proclaimed constitutional lawyer – he has known since day one what is required. He touts transparency and refuses to release even his medical or school records flies. So at the very least he is a liar. Please look at what else barry refuses to release.

    It so frustrates me that folks still think – mistakenly – that barry as produced a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. He has not – never – ever – in any way shape or form.

    He released a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH (COLB). They are very different things. You or I could possess a COLB. Sun Yat-sen had a Hawaiian COLB. Look at it. His sister, who was born in Indonesia, has a Hawaiian COLB. Foreign born children could get a COLB up until one year of age and the only requirement was that the mother resided in Hawaii the year prior to the child’s birth. And it could be obtained on the word of one relative and without any supporting documents.

    What part of Directo Fukino’s statement that Hawaii “…has Senator Obama’s original birth document on record..”, do you not understand? The original birth documents means that it was generated there. It is not a copy of another birth certificate generated by another state or country but the original. The original that COLBs are generated from.

    I completely understand Dr Fukino’s statement. I’ve written about it many times explaining what it does not say. She says nothing other than he has a birth certificate filed in accordance with Hawaiian law. She does not say what was on it. She does not come out and say barry was born in Hawaii. And even after this was pointed out she did not amend her statement.

    Dr Fukino:…I have personally seen and verified that the Hawai’i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.

    The COLB is a completely separate entity. She did not vouch for it – she did not even mention it. The COLB that he provided has never been connected to the long form birth certificate and he will not allow anyone to examine it. Just factcheck, which is run by Annenberg, who barry used to work for with Bill Ayers.

    Back in August when barry was first challenged, all he had to do was give a copy of the COLB that has been on factcheck to a third party to vet – he still hasn’t which is why this persists. He could have put an end to it in Aug 08. Why didn’t he if he could have?

    The frustration birthers posses comes from what you just wrote:

    1-That he supplied a birth CERTIFICATE. No, he has not. And the difference is vital.

    2-That Dr Fukino verfied he was born in Hawaii. No, she did not.

    3-That no one has ever had such scrutiny when two other candidates from the same election had the same.

    If interested:
    COLB vs long form birth certificate
    What Dr Fukino’s statement didn’t say
    Why can’t the known COLB be subpoenaed?
    Dr Ron Polarik COLB forgery findings (Video)
    Copy of COLB

    And the same two questions remains that no barryfan can answer:

    Why doesn’t he just release his long form birth certificate?

    Why hasn’t he allowed anyone to vet the COLB?

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