Orly Taitz outs Danny Bickell to Justice Roberts

March 17, 2009

Birth certificate posts

Danny Bickell the “stay” clerk at the US Supreme Court has been implicated in tampering with both Donofrio’s and Taitz’s  cases.

Leo Donofrio’s challenge had nothing to do with the birth certificate per se. He conceded that barry was probably born in Hawaii. He challenged on the basis of barry being a dual citizen at birth through his father’s British citizenship – Kenya being under colonial rule in 1961.

Donofrio worked with Cort Wrotnoswki on a parallel case involving the Connecticut Secretary of State.

With Donofrio v Wells, Danny refused to file the Stay until after the election was over. It was denied by Justice Souter on Nov 6th. Donofrio asked Bickell be investigated. He wasn’t.

With Taitz’s case, Lightfoot v Bowen, Danny removed it from the Supreme Court website the day after barry was inaugurated. That’s how sure he was no one would care – even if the “birthers” cried foul.

When you read Donofrio’s posts concerning Bickell, recall that this was back in November and that what Bickell did (did not do) could potentially have prevented an emergency stay of the general election. He, as a private citizen, intervened and helped get his leader elected.

What kind of pay to play was involved there? Or was it just garden variety barry manlove?

Think about it folks – the Supreme Court of the United States.

Chicago style Washington is the Change! we can believe in.

Nothing happened when Donofrio asked Bickell be sanctioned in November 08. And two months later, Bickell took Lightfoot v Bowen clear off the docket until he was forced to put it back up by enraged, nonobamerized citizens.

I’d make a healthy wager Chief Justice Roberts had no idea what Taitz was talking about. Justice Scalia clearly didn’t. I still have to post that.

Now what?

Probably nothing.

How is the “first black president” ever going to be thrown out of office?

Never going to happen. That was established even before barry even got to South Carolina. The whole race baiting was set up before Mr Bill was provoked. barry had prepared a “The Clintons are Racists” memo to get black voters behind him and it worked. What barry stood for a week previous suddenly became meaningful for one reason and one reason alone: race baiting. And Rep Clyburn has kept at  it, threatening racial violence whenever and whereever it suits his needs – the latest in response to the mention of Zimbabwe.

And it is an international security issue as well. The Arab world would find it a convenient excuse to launch even more hate at western infidels. Think about all the Intelligence barry has had access to. The only person who has actually been doing something since barry took over is Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton.

But Orly Taitz outed Danny Bickell for all to see – most importantly Justice Roberts. More dots have been connected and another barry operative has been exposed.

The onus of barry’s in/eligibility is on Justice Roberts – exactly where it should be. H will have to address this publicly on the record. And he will also be forced to defend his secret meeting with barry and biden on Jan 14th – the reason for Taitz’s supplemental brief.

Danny Bickell’s acts will provide proof SCOTUS was completely compromised: before barry was elected (Donofrio’s Stay delayed), during the transition (Justices met with barry and biden – request for recusal not filed) and after he was inaugurated (Lightfoot removed from docket). Danny’s hand in all of it.

What happens is up to Justice Roberts and his fellow justices.

Will Justice Alito have to something to say this time?

And just exactly who and what was Justice Ginsburg talking about when she mentioned there would be an opening on the Court soon?

We haven’t had any of those for some time, but surely we will soon.

She said wasn’t referring for herself.

Chief Justice, what say you?


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