Orly Taitz questions Justice Roberts (audio/text)

March 16, 2009

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Here’s the audio of Orly Taitz asking Chief Justice Roberts about her case. He respectfully cuts her off after the audience grumbles. They reacted but it’s hard to tell if it consisted of – laughing, gasping or amen!


Take special note of what the moderator says about what cannot be discussed.

Questions not speeches.

Connection to the university community.

Due to the duties of his office, the Chief Justice would not be able to answer any questions seeking legal opinions or posing issues that are pending, or likely to become pending, before the US Supreme Court.


Hi, Justice Roberts. I am an attorney. My name is Orly Taitz. And I actually flew from Southern California thousands of miles – I got up at three o’clock in the morning to be here to ask you a question – so please give me a little bit of leeway. And, uh, this question is:

I wanted to know  if you are aware of some illegal activity that is going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?

I brought a case to you personally, and you personally had decided to distribute it to conference on January 23.

Your clerk, Danny Bickell, on his own, decided to hide the supplemental brief from you and not docket it. Later on, the case was erased from the docket. Hundreds of citizens were calling and demanding to put it back.

I talked to Justice-Justice Scalia on Monday, and he stated he never heard of the case, even though supposedly it was discussed in conference on January 23rd.

I have hear pages, of citizens-half a million citizens have signed petition to you personally, and each and every justice, demanding that you hear my case: Lightfoot v Bowen that stated that Barack [I would have liked to have seen his face right at this moment] Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is totally illegitimate for presidency due to the fact [audience reacts] that he is ah, ah foreign national at birth, ah-ah–


Thank you-thank you very much Ma’am, and I appreciate you traveling so far. If-if you have particular documents that you want, uh, to-to leave with us, I’ll be happy to look at them if you leave them behind.

Beyond that, I obviously can’t talk about any cases, or applications or petitions that are pending.

Thank you. Thank you.


A member of security will be happy to see you with regard to the documents.

She got cut off – politely – but was the microphone taken away? You can’t hear her saying thank you or anything else. There was some murmuring around the folks who taped this that would be interesting to decipher.

Best line was about Scalia and how he had never heard of the case, even though supposedly it was discussed in conference on January 23rd. So did they talk about it or not? How much control does little Danny have? And what relative got him the job?

Anyone have a little free time and some sleuthing skills – check out Danny boy’s connections: to the justices, politicians, families and of course barry. Though now that I think about it – I think he was the same guy who messed with Leo Donofrio. I don’t know if he had anything to do with the anthrax. I’ll have to look in the archives/drafts. And if it is the same guy, kinda says it all.

Did they know about the cases before them when they met with barry and Biden?

What I really want to know is who Roberts called first: barry, Scalia, Homeland Security, President of the University, local police, Danny Bickell or the Secret Service for allowing her anywhere near him – her blonde hair is pretty recognizable and then there’s the accent and flight manifest.

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