Orly Taitz’s military & office holding plaintiffs

March 6, 2009

Birth certificate posts

(cyberattack deleted – recovered from cache and updated 3-22)

Hey colradium489.

I can’t stay on Orly Taitz’s site for very long before my browser crashes and her site is not set up very logically. I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of plaintiffs to link to – so here’s what I could find. And it is up to her who is on her blog roll. We don’t have any because we are neutral.

An incomplete list of truly brave military and politicians putting their careers and reputations on the line to uphold The Constitution. All anyone wants is for barry to provide his long form birth certificate. The entire nation does not have to see it. And the only question the obamerized cannot answer is why?

Why won’t he just produce it?

Clinton Alan Grimes Sergeant Long Beach Police Officer & CDR/0-5 US Navy (Active Reserve)

Lt Col. Chuck Miller, USAF (Ret)

Major James R. Cannon, USMC (Ret)

SSgt Brian A Keith, USMC, Inactive Ready Reserve, Firefighter

Lt Col. David A. Earl-Graef USAF R MC

Lt OG/LG Sott R. Easterling, presently in Iraq and being harassed

Col. Harry Riley, US Army (Ret), former Division Chief, NSA

Major General Carroll D. Childers, US Army (Ret), Consultant Registered Professional Engineer

SSgt. Alan Craig James, Prime Power Production Specialist

Brigadier General Charles E. Jones, USAF (Ret)

Sgt. Matthew M. Edwards, Army National Guard

Sgt Harold Abrams, USAF (Ret)

SSgt Paul R Murphy, USAF (Inactive) Deputy Sheriff

1st Sgt William Shires, (Ret)

Mark A. Loaiza, (Ret. Officer)

Anonymous Officer, whose family’s service goes back to the Revolution

  • **

Supposedly has 10 state reps – these are who I could find.

State Rep Eric Swafford (R-TN)

State Rep Glen Casada (R-TN)

State Rep Frank Niceley (R-TN)

State Rep Stacey Campfield (R-TN)

State Rep Timothy Jones (R-MO)

State Rep Cynthia Davis (R-MO)

State Rep Laurence Rappaport (R-NH)

State Rep Timothy Comerford (R-NH)

State Rep Mike Ritze (R-OK)

  • **

Robert Cusanelli, Elector for 7th District, State of Alabama, in the 2008 Electoral College

“Postmaster-high ranked federal employee” from NH

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