Rep Posey’s Birth Certificate Bill to stop future barrys

March 13, 2009

Birth certifate posts

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The idiocy doesn’t stop. CNN finally writes about barry’s eligibility issue and they still have it wrong.

Doesn’t anyone ever get embarrassed at CNN? Or do they figure no one’s watching/reading? We went through this a few weeks ago with Rick Sanchez. I don’t know if I posted that from the drafts.

The only reason they had to say something was because Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) introduced a bill to require presidential candidates to produce proof of their eligibility before they run.

Here’s CNN’s Political MARK PRESTON.

[Forgive the 3rd grade coloring to make things clear.]

During the presidential campaign, Obama produced a certified copy of his birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health but some still believe he does not meet the constitutional requirement to be the president.

barry has never produced a birth certificate of any sort and he has never produced a certified copy of anything.

barry has not allowed ANYONE to see his long form (vault copy) birth certificate that has corroboratable information: doctor/date/hospital/weight, etc. even though he admitted in his book that he had a copy of it in his possession.

He produced a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (aka COLB) not his birth CERTIFICATE.

Very different.

The COLB he produced was not certified either. Nothing he has submitted has been certified by anyone to be true. Dr Chiyome Fukino said nothing about the COLB – she said only that barry has a birth certificate on file in accordance with Hawaiian law. Period. She said nothing about what was on it and she certainly said nothing about the COLB

No one has been allowed actual physical contact with the COLB besides barry minion’s and the entire cosmos is relying on them to vouch for its authenticity?

Factcheck doesn’t even know the difference between birth certificate and COLB and they’re the final word? barry’s own lawyers are appending it as a footnote in their court filings.

It’s insane.

The COLB on factcheck was examined by a forensic computer document expert and his conclusion was that it was forged.

And if it the COLB were entirely legit – why wouldn’t he want the whole world to see it – instead of spending at least a million dollars fighting the release of his birth CERTIFICATE while proclaiming his Transparency!

And what is this?

The Supreme Court has turned down several requests that it hear challenges to the president’s citizenship.

Does he know why? Does he know about the clerks’ tampering in Donofrio and Taitz cases? Anthrax? That Justice Scalia couldn’t recall Lightfoot v Bowen when Taitz approached him about it? I don’t think I posted that yet either.

And Posey does not directly mention barry – it is a henceforth bill because barry’s already hoaxed his way in. Curiously, I couldn’t find anything on Posey’s website and could not find a complete statement by his spokesman, George Cecala, who said Posey was “just trying to clarify the law” and listen to his constituents. (Posey was just elected.)

CECALA for Posey: Opponents of President Bush used the 2000 election results and the court decisions to question the legitimacy of President Bush to serve as President. Opponents of President Obama are raising the birth certificate issue as a means of questioning his eligibility to serve as president.

Neither of these situations are healthy for our Republic.

This bill, by simply requiring such documentation for future candidates for President will remove this issue as a reason for questioning the legitimacy of a candidate elected as President.

This was not meant as an insult to the president.

It is simply meant as a way to clarify future election laws and to dispel the issue so we can move on with doing business for the country.

The election was settled. The only thing you can do at this point is to apply new rules for the next election. That’s one way to move past this whole thing and move forward.

I think he [Posey] is willing to take the president’s word for it.

If the president wanted to put an end to the whole thing, he could order Hawaii to release the authentic birth certificate. That’s up to him.

What other candidate would not want to prove his eligibility? If nothing else to stop all the court challenges? It’s like continuing to undergo police questioning when an alibi that you swear you have could completely exonerate you. Makes absolutely no sense…unless you really don’t have that alibi and you’re hoping the police will just give up.

What other candidate would allow himself to be forever shamed because a law had to be enacted because of his deceit? A bill that will be referred by historians and documentarians as the barry obama birth certificate bill. A bill that will have defined barry in his first 100 days seconds.

No matter what happens – the existence of this bill will confirm the doubt that he was constitutionally eligible to hold the highest office in the land, and millions of Americans will wonder why this self-proclaimed man of Transparency didn’t even have enough integrity to produce what every other kid has to produce to play Little League.

His word and words will forever be challenged – victory in itself.

His legacy has been forever signed sealed and delivered by this bill and nothing he does henceforth will change that.

Except, of course, when and if he comes clean or someone else does it for him.

Ask yourself what other candidate would have been allowed to get away with not producing their birth certificate.

Hillary Clinton?

The answer is a resounding NO.

And that alone is clear, concise, irrefutable proof of pro-Obama media bias and nothing else is/will ever be needed to prove it.

Thanks, barry! You’ve fulfilled our mission for us.

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