Ben Smith: just another “birther” illiterate

March 17, 2009

Birth certificate posts
Anti-birther of the day: Ben Smith
A proposition for Ben Smith & Politico re: birthers

Why is it that folks enjoy jumping on the “birther” train when they don’t know from whence it came or where it’s going?

Why do they assume it involves only one track and one direction?

And why do they think birthers inhabit just “weird little internet sites”?

Maybe because the big internet sites – like Politico – are too busy cranking out pro-barry propaganda?

I wonder if our site here would be considered birtherite or is it birtherithian?

Birther friendly, yes – except to octo mother birther, which is the proper use of the word.

Here are some of Ben Smith’s words (Politico), who seems to know what “birther” means, but not birth certificate or certification of live birth (COLB). He gets COLB and birth certificate mixed up in reference to Rep Bill Posey’s (R-FL) barry soetoro birth certificate bill, which is how it will be referred to by historians. The proper form of the root word is certificate – not certification or certified. 

[emphasis added]

SMITH: Obama has actually produced a copy of his Hawaii birth certificate, and it has been certified by the state of Hawaii.

No. And no. No birth certificate has ever been produced and nothing has been certified.  He produced a green image that appears to be a Certification of Live Birth that Dr Fukino did not vouch for. They are separate entities.

SMITH (3-13): It echoes the concerns of the fringe movement that believes, without evidence, that Obama is somehow foreign and ineligible to be president.

Right – except it’s the wrong corollary. barry has never shown definitive proof that he is eligible and continues to refuse to do so. The COLB cannot be considered definitive proof until the document has been vetted. What Dr Fukino said in Hawaii in no way translated to the green image on factcheck’s website.

SMITH: They’re unlikely to be satisfied by this legislation, though: By requiring that candidates submit “a copy of the candidate’s “birth certificateit doesn’t actually satisfy the fringe, which claims that the official copy, which is the only document the state of Hawaii will release is not sufficient.

Now what kind of nonsense is this?

First off:

DOH Director DR CHIYOME FUKINO:  State law prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.

As in birthers. barry can get a copy whenever he wants and he can direct one to a tangible interestee. Besides which, barry has already admitted to having a copy of his long form birth certificate in his possession at one point.

Secondly, a birth certificate would very much satisfy the birthers. It is what they have been asking for. It would have cleared up the issue up August before it became an issue. $6 would have gotten rid of the fringian birthers once and for all – if in fact the COLB was legit.

But what has the self-proclaimed Mr Transparency done?

Fought it all the way to the Supreme Court – spending hundreds of thousands of dollars as he goes – Frederic D Woocher pro bono BS aside.

But forget the long form birth certificate and just look at the COLB. No one has ever been able to explain why he hasn’t released his COLB for vetting.

The only explanation to sane reasoning folks is that it has been altered = forgery. And the only reason for the forgery is because he is not a natural born citizen.

Why else hasn’t he proven it?

So if barry thinks the COLB is enough and Mr Smith thinks it’s enough – why doesn’t barry email Mr Smith a copy of his COLB?

And why hasn’t Smith and Politico made life easier for barry and independently vetted it themselves or through a third party?

Why wouldn’t they want to be known as the site who put the issue to rest and officially send the birthers out to pasture? They brag about everything else. Jeanne Cummings got a major atta girl for crawling through credit card receipts and exposing! wardrobegate so Joe Biden’s prediction of the nonhandling of the Hamas-Israel crisis could be covered up. And Biden was right – barry needs help – with the domestic AIG bonus crisis he created.

They have done everything else possible to promote barry and his bogus agenda while tearing down his opposition – why wouldn’t they take care of the one and only issue that could dethrone their leader?

The answer: because they are cowards. Because somewhere inside they know there is a possibility that the COLB is a forgery.

What 5 y/o wouldn’t get suspicious when you tell them you have a $50 in your hand and when they ask to look at it and touch you say no?

*I just realized I discussed his previous article from March 1st in detail and don’t think I ever posted it. Will have to go locate it.

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