Quote of the day: barry gives “thoughtful, eloquent answers that go to the heart of the matter”

March 24, 2009

They actually have a countdown to barry’s press conference on the screen as if he is going to actually say something. Yes, he is taking questions – but have they been preapproved? He certainly will have the reporters picked out ahead of time. It sre would be interesting if someone asked him about his birth certifcate. Can you imagine his face? Even a teleprompter wouldn’t save him.

Anyway Contessa Brewer is discussing his press conference with “strategists”. Who are these people and what do they actually do for a living besides talk? Some of their advice is plain crazy. They brought up the AIG bonuses and whether barry will get some “tough” questions about it.

David Goodfriend, cohost of “Left Jab” on Sirius XM satellite radio, responds.

Absolutely. This is the second press conference in prime time of this presidency. And of course, President Obama is going to be asked tough questions, and unlike his predecessor, I would argue, he actually answers the questions – thoughtful, eloquent answers that really go to the heart of the matter.

Madness. If that were remotely true Americans would have a clue as to what are barry’s plans. And if the reporters had any integrity they would make barry admit that he knew about the bonuses even before he took office.

Mark Murray, who looks like the Cubs’ logo teddy bear, says reporters are tough.

BREWER: Is the president going to get grilled in prime time?

MURRAY: I think it will be respect, but I do think that the questions will be tough, and in fact, that’s are job. I would be hopeful that reporters from all news organizations ask very tough, but respectful, questions…I do think we’ll see a lot of tough questions.

Ten bucks nobody asks him point blank if he knew about those bonuses. And if he goes around it like he did on Leno – they don’t press him on it.

One million bucks nobody asks him to apologize for his Special Olympics insult.

A trillion bucks no one asks him about his birth certificate.

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