Quo Warranto and Application for Emergency Stay refiled in person

March 25, 2009

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[See below document for links for more Danny and Taitz ambushing Chief Justice Roberts in Idaho.]

Not sure if you can see this. I didn’t want to download anything from Orly Taitz’s site and the pdf HTML didn’t work. This is a copy of Application for Emergency Stay and the Quo Warranto that was refiled in person by Orly Taitz and Joseph Farah (WND) on their trip to Washington.

It has been learned,  proven, and now documented that many of the signed receipt documents send in since December have not been received.

They must have the person’s signature? The date stamp: March 23rd 2009. Looks like they stayed in the Radisson or faxed from there. If anyone out there posts on her site – Alan Keyes’ name is misspelled if that is a technical problem.

And why was there only a partial list of plaintiffs? Have the rest changed their minds? Rep Rappaport (R-NH) left us a note last week that he had signed on and his name isn’t listed.

I’m not sure what the deal is with the stay when he was inaugurated 64 or so days ago and the Electoral College met December 15th. Maybe just to have it officially looked and have Danny be investigated and if he did something improper it would warrant a reevaluation of the cases he touched.

If you can’t read the document:

Lightfoot v Bowen No. 08A-524

Application for emergency stay and/or injunction as to the 2008 Electoral College meeting and alternatively as to California Electors.

Motion to Reconsider

The Petitioners, by and through their undersigned counsel of record, submit this motion for reconsideration due to the following reasons:

Clerk of this Court, Danny Bickell, of his own volition and on his own authority refused to file of record, docket and forward to the Chief Justice and Associated Justices Petitioners’ Supplemental Brief [-ented] on January 15, 2009

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