Rep Nicely re: signing on as Orly Taitz plaintiff (video)

March 24, 2009

Rep Nicely is one of the 10 state reps – all Republican – to sign on as plaintiffs for Orly Tait’s Quo Warranto case against barry. Here is discussing his decision with his constituents. He expresses amazement that people have been calling him from all over the US and sending him flowers. He also said they were sending him money – not sure what for – he certainly can’t take it as a bribe. Probably bots trying to trap him.

Pirate News Production via operationnorthwoodz

(4-11) Updated list of Orly Taitz posts
Orly Taitz’s military & office holding plaintiffs
Taitz: Pre-Litigation Quo Warranto Letter to Atty Gen Holder
State Rep Eric Swafford (R-TN) signs on (2-9)
State Rep’s Frank Niceley, Stacey Campfield & Glen Casada join Eric Swafford

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