Orly Taitz met with Selective Service (3-25)

March 27, 2009

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Orly Taitz was back in Washington again and actually was able to meet with folks, including the Director of Selective Service William Austin Chatfield. Seems the hand off to Chief Justice Roberts must have woken some folks up. This is such a sad situation, especially the way folks are being attacked just for wanting barry to produce something that proves his eligibility. That’s it. The rest has grown out of his refusal.

Selective Service registration was abolished in 1973 and then re-instituted in 1980. barry was born 8-4-61. Factoids from wiki.

Under current law, all male U.S. citizens are required to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. In addition, foreign males between the ages of 18 and 26 living in the United States must register.

…federal legislators and most state legislators passed laws requiring that to receive financial aid, federal grants and loans, certain government benefits, eligibility for most federal employment…a young man had to be registered with Selective Service.

Thus the importance of his Occidental College records. Also interesting – the Director of the Selective Service System reports directly to the President.

Here’s a report from Orly Taitz’s assistant, Lisa Ostella:

[I added the links. Closest I could get to an email: Information@sss.gov]

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. met with William Austin Chatfield, Director of Selective Service at 10:15am EST, March 25, 2009. The meeting took place at:  Selective Service System, National Headquarters 1515 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia 22209.

Dr. Taitz introduced herself as the attorney for 140 Military Plaintiffs, active and retired, subject to recall, who are concerned about the Constitutional authority of Barack Obama to be Commander in Chief.  Major General Carroll D. Childers is among these Plaintiffs.  In addition to being attorney for the Military Plaintiffs, Dr. Taitz also represents 10 State Representatives in this matter.  Based on this, Dr. Taitz addressed Mr. Chatfield on some inconsistencies found with Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration records.

Dr. Taitz presented some of the findings (Attachment A) that were delivered to US Department of Justice Eric Holder, Jr., Attorney General.  The findings indicate that Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration document was created in 2008, and backdated to 1980.  Dr. Taitz showed Mr. Chatfield that the Document Location Number, 0897080632, appears to be a 2008 creation.  However on the printout, an extra eight (8) was added in front of the number to make it look like it is from the year 1980.

Dr. Taitz also showed Mr. Chatfield that the postal stamp on the Selective Service Registration Form was incorrect.  The stamp used was an obsolete postmark round dater-stamp (retired almost ten (10) years before 1980) to validate a legal document.  Mr. Chatfield didn’t have any comment on these inconsistencies nor did he offer any explanation.

Dr. Taitz provided Mr. Chatfield with a full copy of the dossier sent to the Attorney General, Eric Holder.  A copy can be downloaded here: http://defendourfreedoms.org/letterHolder.doc

She highlighted sections of the dossier to show Mr. Chatfield that Barack Obama has hundreds of Social Security Numbers and properties associated with his name.  One Social Security Number in particular was issued in Connecticut, and lists him as being 118 years old.  (Attachment B)

While addressing the issue of hundreds of Social Security Numbers and properties being associated with Barack Obama’s name, Dr. Taitz drew attention to two addresses of interest:  one located in Illinois and another in New Jersey.

The address located in Illinois, 1525 S. Sangamon St. Unit 707, Chicago IL was sold to an Osama Barakat.  The Osama Barakat listed (Attachment F) has connections to a foundation that is listed in the “Golden Chain” as sponsors of al Qaeda.

(Attachment C) shows an address in New Jersey for Kelly J. McCrum, wife of Craig M. Robinson. Craig Robinson is Michelle Obama’s brother, and is listed at 45 Willow Street in South Amboy, NJ.  Not only can this address not be found by mapping the street, but this address had a credit lien on it by a company, Burlow Plumbing.  Burlow Plumbing has a commercial affiliate named Magic Plumbing.

(Attachment D) shows that Magic Plumbing had worked on the sprinkler system at the World Trade Center just days before 9/11.  One of the men that performed this work lived in Brooklyn. He left Brooklyn on 9/11 and went to Tennessee.  A woman that had a court date involving identity theft with the motor vehicle department in Tennessee met a mysterious death.  Mr. Chatfield had no comment or thought in reference to this material being shown to him.

Dr. Taitz then provided Mr. Chatfield with information on Barack Obama’s former client, Ahmad Bavarati.  (Attachment E).  Mr. Bavarati ran a non-profit called the Iran Earthquake Relief Fund, which subsequently changed its name to American Care Society, but still supported scientific work in Iran.

Mr. Chatfield promised he would look into these matters.

Lisa Ostella

Assistant to Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Defend Our Freedoms Foundation

One Response to “Orly Taitz met with Selective Service (3-25)”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hi Miss Tickly – interesting name.

    We’re not lawyers and we’re not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any political party, candidate, organization, website, cause or movement – most especially Orly Taitz’s.

    We provide information in order to document the media bias and lack of vetting of barry – the most fundamental and critical of which is his Constitutional in/eligibility to be Commander in Chief.

    Here is the site TAITZ has had since April: wwwDOTOrlyTaitzEsq.com/blog1

    And her new one – not sure if it’s set up yet:

    Hope you come back because it looks important and the way they’re going after her she could use all the help she can get.

    Glad you’re on the case.

    ps. If you know Mr Shannon (Beckwith) from The Obama File – please ask him to come back if only for retroactive funding. We has no idea what paypal was and I bet a lot of other people didn’t either.

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