Defend Our Freedoms Petition

March 31, 2009

Birth certificate posts

Orly Taitz’s site Defend our Freedoms’ petition. Not sure why they are lumped together – especially Tim Geithner. He a whole separate problem. Why should he be indicted? Tax fraud? Harboring an illegal alien? barry’s doing the same thing with his Inauguration attending illegal alien auntie. Another post that never got posted. Treason is going a tad far.

There’s a site dedicated to petitions – ipetitions – had no idea.


We will be running petitions and giving you a voice.  We will tally the numbers.

Redress of grievances-Petition for indictment of Timothy Geitner, Barack Obama, Supreme Court clerk for stays Danny Bickel, Judges that refuse to uphold Constitution and hear the cases of Obama’s ineligibility on the merits and members of Congress and Senate, that refuse to hold Judicial hearings and sign subpoenas for all of Obama’s vital records.

Do you think Timothy Geitner should be indicted? Why yes and why not?

Should Obama be indicted for massive fraud of American people and treason?

Should the judges be indicted for not upholding constitution and not hearing the cases of Obama’s lack of eligibility?

Should clerk Danny Bickel be indicted for interfering with the justice system?

Should attorney general Eric Holder be indicted for not investigating all of Obama’s illegal acts?

Should the Congressmen and Senators be indicted for not holding judicial committee hearings on BO’s illegitimacy for presidency?

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