Capt Sullenberger: nays running for office

April 5, 2009

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After posting on Sully’s first pitch at Yankee’s stadium, I found a bunch of unposted drafts, including the crew’s appearance before Congress.

Seems folks in his hometown of Danville, California (11th district) wanted Capt Sullenberger to run for Congress. Curiously, the spot is open, since the representative from his next door district (10th), Ellen Tauscher, accepted an appointment from Madame Secretary Clinton to be the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

For the record, he has voted Republican and there are no requirements he reside in the district for which he were to run. His testimony on the Hill was probably enough for him to say no way. Well, that and his day (and night) job, which he plans on returning to in June/July.


When I called his house, Sully’s wife laughed out loud when I explained why the Times’ political writer wanted to talk with him.

ALEX CLEMENS, Sullenberger spokesman:

Sullenberger will continue to decline requests that he “throw his pilot’s hat into the ring,”

He is focusing his time and energy fully on his family, his work for US Airways, and the other obligations that he has taken on since the dramatic events of January 15.

Like his two book deal and throwing out the first pitch at Yankees Stadium (4-4) and his planned 4-7 first pitch at AT & T Park for the San Francisco Giants. The Oakland A’s wanted him too but he’ll be on vacation. He is also slated to give the commencement address at his high school alma mater, Denison High School (north of Dallas) on June 6. And, according to Vorderbrueggen, his well-deserved six-figure motivational speaker’s fees.


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