Orly Taitz’s recent travels – more plaintiffs added

April 5, 2009

Orly Taitz is on the move again. This time a journey to the Midwest. Going to a gunshow seems almost cliche but whatever it takes I guess. Here’s her post on her travels. With enough local agencies involved sooner or later it will have to be addressed at the top. Too many individuals having to take the heat from local citizens. I would have thought by now that more legislators would have climbed aboard. In any event, she got more military personnel’s signature. Didn’t say whether active duty, subject to recall, permanently retired or no longer able to serve – injuries, etc.

The voting machine connection to Hugo Chavez is new to me. And I don’t think I ever posted on the citizen grand juries, which was also new to me and a very interesting mode of citizen legal recourse.

As crazy as it seems, I think the Founding Fathers and the Framers of The Constitution would be quite pleased The American People are implementing all the provisions they included as a mean of peaceful revolt against the government and possible usurper. The teabags have a sweet symmetry all by themselves. It would make an interesting fictional drama and would even be funny were it not so serious.

Post from Defend Our Freedoms by ORLY TAITZ. [Added spacing, punctuation and emphasis.]

I am addressing guests and visitors at Westpoint, Kentucky machine gun show.

On Friday (4-3), I spent several hours at local FBI. We visited the FBI with one of my plaintiffs Navy Commander, Al Rowley and TV Host/producer, Mr. William Wagener. I wanted to make sure that aside from the cyber crimes division, white color crimes, public corruption division works on the case.

Wr. Wagener has also recorded material for future shows, a documentary and tv programs that will be seen by 9 million people in Europe.

At 12 at night I flew to Chicago, at 6 am ET/ 3 am Pacific I met with a group of patriots from Chicago and at 8 am was on the next flight from Chicago to Cincinnati Ohio. (thank you Carolyn, Maryanne, Fred and Tanya).

From there, volunteer Mrs Theresa Padgett drove me to the Knob Creek automatic gun show. (thank you Theresa and David Padgett).

At the show we got a booth and together with the first Citizens Grand Jury Foreman, Mr. Carl Swensson, we presented a case for fraud perpetrated by Obama upon American Citizens. Within a few hours 20 new military plaintiffs signed up for my legal actions.

Over 300 have signed indictments.

We currently have 25 grand Jurors indictments from KY, OH, TN, GA . We should have a number of other states soon.

I have given lengthy interviews to Mr. John Richardson, reporter from Esquire magazine and Mr. David Weigel, reporter from Washington Independant Magazine.

A large number of guests of this show expressed their desire to participate in a march on Washington on 4th of July, to tell the government: we are fed up with your thievery, with this heist of trillions of dollars, with foreign national Citizen of Indonesia Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama usurping our White House by virtue of fraud and forgery, with corrupt sold out congressmen and senators and judges, with rigged elections, with the voting machines with Sequoia software owned by Communist Dictator from Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, with massive fraud by Acorn, with dead people voting on our voter rolls, with trampling on our liberty, on our Constitution.

Many were repeating the words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death!”.

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