Tarpley: “Obama is a world tragedy in the making”

April 5, 2009

Interview with Webster Tarpley, who is a historian and author. He’s written about the world economic crisis, terrorism, 911, George Bush 1, essays on history. Wrote two books about barry: Obama, The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate. Second book: Unauthorized Biography of Obama.

DISCLAIMER: I have no personal knowledge of who he is or what he does or anything else. I am not promoting anything he says – I found it interesting and am providing it as information only.

There’s the videos and then a written interview below it.

“The Men Behind Obama”

Interview by DeepJournal in MAY 2008

Part 1


Some of his words – He think Brzezinski is the main player in everything. And it doesn’t sound like it is a personal vendetta – bu I don’t know who he is.

barry is a servant of finance capital and can deliver Europe as a pawn as puppets as expendable assets.

Wars on a greater scale – Zbigniew Brzezinski says center of power in the world is in Moscow and Beijing and he’s determined to smash Russia and China in order to let the US/UK world domination for the UK/USA next 100 years. He wants to use Iran against Russia. Make a deal with Syria against Russia.

People in Europe had better wake up because that silly romantic illusion they have about Obama is going to be suicidal for them if they don’t understand this.

Puppet of finance capitol of the David Rockfeller and George Soros impoverishment of the US. [two of barry’s staunch supporters]

Theirs is extreme austerity.

Plan to have a global showdown with Russia and China so they need left cover.

Puppet of the worst circles of imperialism.

Left wing demagogue who promises hope and change

This is what he wants to know: [they are not my thoughts]

Did he sign up for the Selective Service? [possible forgery]
Is he HIV positive? [He and Michelle had their blood drawn in Africa – but as far as I know the results were not made known if it was even tested. He has refused to release  his medical records.]
Does he have a criminal record?
Does he smoke crack cocaine?

He says nothing about the birth certificate issue, which is very interesting as he questions so many other things.


Goal to destroy Pakistan. Iraq cut up into 3 parts. Pakistan cut up into 4-5 parts. Because it is a potential ally to China. Iran is a candidate to be played against China. [Darfur has 7% oil supply to China] Obama doesn’t even know where Pakistan is.

Last summer a conference in Chicago – barry said he wants to have unilateral bombing of NW Pakistan. US is bombing there.

Would Japan be a staging area for China – no. Tawain no.

[Interestingly – as born out in their behavior] Tarpley says that Bush and Chaney are not even lame ducks. They’re there for show.

Power passed to the principles committee Rice, Gates, Paulson, Admiral Mullen. Policies are from Brzezinski – no attack on Iran. Make a deal with North Korea. Chaney was horrified that was done by Rice. Attack Pakistan, Darfur, Zimbabwe, Burma – under humanitarian considerations.

Interview with Daan de Wit of DeepJournal May 16, 2008.

There are ALOT of typos and European spelling of words that I did not correct.

Discussing the Kentucky and West Virgina Primaries.

TARPLEY: The US Intelligence Community penetrates the news organisations like mad and most of these organisations are now owned by the same bankers who want to put Obama in a kind of dictator.

Q: I have always wondered, where do these candidates for presidents come from? Is there a grooming process? You actually say Obama has been recruted by Zbigniew Brzezinski as a student on Columbia University?

TARPLEY: Yes. This is the interesting about Obama’s biography, that he has these lost years and the lost years where nobody knows anything about what he was doing, we’re not even sure where he was. 1981, 1982, 1983 his last two years in college. He was a Junior and a Senior at Columbia University, actually Columbia College at Columbia University in uptown Manhattan, Morningside Heights. He had started his career at Occidental College near Los Angeles after going to a very expensive private school in Hawaii, the Punahou School. If you go back to 1981, 1982 – you can do this with the help of Samuel Huntington’s Book on American politics, which I quote in my own book, which is called Obama, The Postmodern Coup, the Making of a Manchurian Candidate. If you look in here you will see that they were already sort of summing up their experiences under Carter and they were looking ahead. Huntington is explicitly looking ahead to 2010 and 2030, in other words he believes that there’s gonna be a crisis of ungovernability, what he called the ‘creedal passion period’. Political upsurge and economic breakdown perhaps. All of this starting around 2010, which is now where we are, we have reached that point.

[Also note that Bill Ayers lived within a mile of Columbia when barry was there.]

TARPLEY: My guess is that Obama was recruted by Brzezinski at Columbia 1981, 1982, 1983. You cannot notice this positively, because Obama in his memoires, he has got this thing called Dreams from my Father, he tells you everything about himself, he tells you about marihuana, cocaine, almost heroine, but not quite, tells you all this stuff, but when it comes to Columbia University he tells you nothing. It’s exactly puzzling, because why would he tell you about marihuana and cocaine, which are bad and than not tell you about his career, with this wonderful Ivy League prestigious elite Columbia University, he doesn’t say anything about it.

The same thing is what The New York Times found. The New York Times, trying to do the life of Obama, they focused on his years in New York City, because they’re from New York and they couldn’t find anything. They couldn’t find out what courses he took, who his friends were, anything that he did, he doesn’t seem to be in the yearbook, it’s all very strange. Chicago Tribune which is very, very favourable to Obama did the same thing, could not find anything about those years at Columbia.

Now they’re two possibilities. One is that he’s hiding homosexual activity. Obama, I think, is pretty well established to be a bi-sexual, he’s accused by Larry Sinclair of homosexual encounters with crack-cocaine. We can talk about that in a minute. But I think the deeper level is what he’s covering up in terms of his contacts with Brzezinski.

Obama was a politic’s major with his speciality in international relations and a thesis topic that was Soviet nuclear disarmament. Now that has Brzezinski written all over it. In those years Brzezinski was on the campus at Columbia, he was the head of the Institute of Communist Affairs, an anti Soviet thinktank. It seems to me extremely likely that he was recruted by Brzezinski at that point. Meaning that he has been indoctrinated for 25 years.

If this is not true, I would invite Obama to tell us the full story of his years at Columbia and he has said zero. No friends, no professors, no transcript, no nothing. It is the biggest obsessive secrecy that we’ve seen. It‘s comparible to, you know Bush has tried to hide his drunk driving record. In this case Obama won’t let you know what he did at Columbia. He should be saying, ‘Oh I’m proud, I was an A-student, I wrote this wonderful thing’, the highlight of his early career was to go to Columbia. So, he doesn’t do that. What this means then is: 25 years of indoctrination and grooming. With Carter they only had 5 or 6 years at most. They’re from 1970, 1971, 1972 until 1976 when he won the presidency. In the case of Obama I think you’re looking at a 25 year process where they were guiding his career.

He didn’t graduate with honors from Columbia and he took several years off before he got into Harvard – so how did he get in? Was it just the little boxes or was there a word put in?

He talks about Austin Gooslbee barry’s NAFTA economist who told Canada not to worry. Then about how the Intelligence community is barry’s best buddies. Would explain why no one cares about the birth certificate issue. The entire US Intelligence knows exactly where barry was born, where he has visited and what citizenship he has – they have his passport and school and medical records and they know if he was in the church when that racist anti-American was spewing evil and they have not said anything.

TARPLEY: I don’t have a crystal ball, but it is very interesting that all these left liberals, basically all the names you have mentioned, are the left wing of the U.S. intelligence community, or at least some of them. Hersh certainly is, some of them represent a kind of right wing of the U.S. intelligence community. But Obama is the candidate of the U.S. intelligence community in toto. If you don’t believe that, just turn on an American television station and you will see what is going on. So, I would believe that the scenario has fundamentally changed and that people are having a very hard time grasping this. We have got to radically shift our field. What you have seen going on now for the past 18 months to two years is that the field has been shifting. Tony Blair is gone; most of the top neocons have now left the government. They are trying to cash in in the private sector. And you know, you have a whole new crew coming in which are these Brzezinsky types. The Samantha Power-Brzezinsky types, the Soros people, the color revolutions crew, the people power coup crew, and they are on their way in. And that means that the face of U.S. imperialism is indeed getting a facelift.

His thoughts on Brzezinski. I have no idea who Tarpley is – I’ve just read and listened to this and neither endorse nor defend his words – this is just information. But I will say in all the times I have watched Brzezinski on Morning Joe, I have wondered what side he is on. I don’t know his personal history in Poland or what the Russians might have done to his family but he sure hates Russia and is sympathetic of sorts to Syria, Iran.,and Iraq – the Arab world in general. Just observations with absolutely nothing to back them up. He just comes off as very skin-crawly is the best I can say. And frighteningly menacing. I’ve written about it before. Tarpley puts Brzezinski as the head mover in all this, which is hard to imagine, but then again all of this is – except for the fact that barry is hiding a great deal and the Intelligence community doesn’t care to share it with The American People.

In fact, I wish I had not run into this – but since this website is set up to question the proobama media bias this certainly qualifies. Wonder what government agencies it will bring to our doorstep.

Anyway. This is just information – with no underlying agenda or endorsement. In the back of my mind, I can still hear President Clinton saying with an interesting face that after the Inauguration he was going to sit down and reveal what is really going on. And then his wife was appointed Secretary of State, leaving him essentially muted for the sake of her job.

TARPLEY: Brzezinsky’s hatred of Russia is now this: Brzezinsky looks at the neocons and he says to the neocons: ‘You bunglers’. Brzezinsky and Samuel Huntington, his right hand man, says: ‘We gave you the clash of civilizations as an idea’ and he says: ‘What you should have done is to play these different countries one against the other. The essence of imperialism is you don’t attack Iraq, you play Iran against Iraq. You don’t attack Venezuela, you play Colombia against Venezuela. You don’t attack Somalia, you play Ethiopia against Somalia’. ‘And ultimately you don’t attack Russia ‘ he says, ‘You play China against Russia, or some variation of that’. So the strategy that Brzezinsky has is to say first of all: ‘There should be no attack on Iran. There should rather be an effort to turn Iran against the Russians’. And this is realistic, based on the fact that there is a large degree of anti-Russian resentment in the Iranian population. He would also say: ‘You can probably turn Syria against Russia at the same time’.

Brzezinski did visit Syria and is sympathetic to them. Nancy Pelosi went as well and barry’s best bud – who tried to recruit him right out of Harvard – Tony Rezko – is from Syria. Not buying into conspiracy – merely facts.

TARPLEY: But now the heart of Brzezinsky strategy is this. Brzezinsky looks at China. And he says: ‘China can be manipulated through their raw material and oil dependency on Africa, and in particular Sudan. We know that now Sudan is supplying 7, 8% maybe of China ‘s oil needs, petroleum, in general. Brzezinsky would say: ‘What you have to do first of all is kick the Chinese out of Africa. That is why Bush went to Africa, that is why the U.S, is creating a new Africom, U.S. African command, probably in Ethiopia. That is why you have Al Qaeda in Algeria, Tunesia and Morocco to help this destabilization. You’ve got the campaign against Mugabe. You got a quasi civil war in Kenya , you’ve got destabilization in Chad, and most of all you’ve got this attempted coup now. In the last couple of days there was an attempted bloody coup in Khartoum, Sudan undoubtedly piloted by these Brzezinsky forces.

So the first step of this is to use Obama as the facelift of U.S. imperialism; a new face for U.S. imperialism in Africa specifically, to kick out the Chinese. At the same time you’ve got a campaign to destroy Pakistan as a state, as a nation. And that is being done through bombing now, demanded by Obama, and now going on; a bombing of so-called Al Qaeda bases in northern Pakistan. It is a very interesting story.

Q: You call Obama a Manchurian candidate, a sort of mind controlled man. Why do you do that?

TARPLEY: First of all Obama is the most synthetic. He is the most prepared, indoctrinated, and I would indeed say brainwashed candidate that we’ve had. Obama himself is nothing. He has no legislative record, he has no accomplishments, no commitment, no loyalties. He is essentially an empty slate on which people are invited to project what they think.

His pedigree is first of all the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation is of course the institution which more than any other, tries to maintain the existing social order in the United States , which is to say: The dominance over this society by Wall Street, by financier oligarchs and the super rich. So his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham – he had a mother named Stanley which is interesting in itself – his mother was a pro-communist who worked for the Ford Foundation. She was part of the gender equality program of the Ford Foundation. She also worked then for the Word Bank and the US Agency for International Development.

Obama himself has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation. This is a counter insurgency operation. It is the Saul Alinsky community organizing foundation of Chicago and the Gamaliel Foundation is a satellite of the Ford Foundation. And the idea with them is organizing community control projects, autogestion, local control on a very very local basis , always with the idea of pitting white against black, against Hispanic, against Asian, against Korean or Chinese or whatever it is, always keeping the population fragmented. On the lowest possible level, very parochial, very local and not allowing therefore a challenge to Wall Street to emerge.

He is also associated, this Obama, with the Woods Fund. And here he sat next to Bill Ayres, the Weatherman terrorist bomber, a professed an unrepented terrorist, an odious personality who I had a chance to observe in the late 1960s inside Students for a Democratic Society. Ayres is somebody who has also promoted Obama’s carrier. Ayres hired Obama to become president of the board of the Edinburg  [ANNENBERG] – Chicago Challenge, which is yet another foundation funded effort at social engineering and racial conflict inside the Chicago school system. So we’ve also got the fact that Obama attends a church the pastor of which is now a Ford Foundation scholar, a guy who got his college education thanks to the Ford Foundation, and that is the Trinity United Church of Christ. You must have seen things about this.

Q: But is it fair to go that far to portray a man?

TARPLEY: You have to because you’re dealing with somebody… This is a man who wants to get his hands on the thermo-nuclear button. How in God’s name can you allow access to the thermo-nuclear button by someone of whom you know basically absolutely nothing? Someone who consorts with terrorists, who consorts with gangsters like the Mafioso Rezko, and his backer Auchi, when reaching now into the Iraq world of organized crime, the Iraq – Syria mafia with this character Auchi. The only way to know anything about Obama is to look at his advisors and to look at these people around him. And the overwhelming thing you see around him is what I would call ‘left CIA’. And let me just try to explain this.


TARPLEY: Now, the obvious courses are first of all, a global warming tax, a carbon tax, that will further cut into the standard of living, then probably a Third World solidarity tax. So with Obama they are going to say: “We’re gonna teach you now into savage austerity, killer austerity, in the name of the polar bears, the ice cap and the Third World.” Now the trick of course is that none of this money will go for the polar bears, the ice cap and the Third World. It will go into the pockets of David Rockefeller, George Soros and other Wall Street thugs, who are running Obama.

Because that is what Obama is today, you can look at the cast of characters. It’s pretty much the same as Carter: He’s got Zbigniew Brzezinski and Mark Brzezinski, that is to say Zbigniew’s son who now is on the scene. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the guru of the entire campaign, although efforts are being made to conceal this fact. Brzezinski has put forward the entire profile, the austerity, the globalization and this question of the final showdown with Moscow.

About rev Wright:

TARPLEY: I just want to add in terms of that church: This Jeremiah Wright is of course a racist provocateur, working in the framework of something called ‘Black Liberation Theology’. It’s a synthetic religion created by the Union Theologian Seminary in New York and then spread with the help of the Ford Foundation, in order to do what? In order to perpetuate racial conflict. The model of the Ford Foundation is divide and conquer. Play white against black in every conceivable way to prevent the emergence of a class based challenge to Wall Street. And what they’ve done is take this into the realm of theology and church affairs, knowing the importance of churches in the black community and in the United States.

Where has he been hiding? And after all his years of spouting he ended up selling out anyway.

Again this post in no way endorses any comments made by Webster Tarpley – it is provided as information only.

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