Warning: Tea bags, threat to Senate!

April 6, 2009

Ok. Come after me. But I think this is hysterical…as long as they’re just tea bags. The clerk at the Supreme Court sent Cort Wrotnowski’s papers for Anthrax quarantine rather than file them – hoping the deadline would pass – even though they knew who Wrotnowski was and had been accepting his previous papers. And then there’s the thousands of letters sent to SCOTUS to demand they look into barry’s birth certificate that have resulted in nothing. Who’s been throwing them out? And now teabags. Teabags are getting their attention. Who knew?

Politico got a memo from the Sergeant-at-Arms – who’s from Chicago and is familiar with Burris and Blagojevich. I don’t know what the law is – if they can do anything if it’s just nuisance tea bags.

From GLENN THRUSH: (“Thrush” being an oral infection of the same yeast that causes vaginal infections. Just a curious factoid that came to mind it being Politico and all.)

E-mail from the Sergeant-at Arms’ office: Suspicious Characteristics Mailing (Tea Bags)

The Senate Post Office has recently seen an influx of envelopes containing tea bags addressed to Senate offices. The envelopes have been irradiated, x-rayed, opened and tested by the Senate Post Office and have been cleared and deemed safe for delivery. However, it is possible some of the envelopes may have loose tea inside. [ALERT! ALERT!]

If you have any questions or concerns about this mailing, you may contact the United States Capitol Police Threats Assessment Section at 4-1495.

If they’re addressed to barry they better check and make sure they’re not weed. Ok, arrest me.

FYI: The tea baggers are anti-tax protesters. From Tea Bag Party.org.

DISCLAIMER: Information only – not an endorsement.

To make your objections heard in Washington, simply place a tea bag in an envelope along with a short and polite letter explaining your protest. Send it to your elected representatives in D.C.. You can find your representatives and their addresses by entering your zip code at the congress.gov website. You can also send a similar protest letter and tea bag to President Obama as well as the leaders and key committee chairs in the Senate and House. Ordinary first class mail letter postage will be sufficient. UPDATE: Some people have written in to say that there may be problems with a tea bag getting through security. You may want to just include the tag from the tea bag, an empty tea bag, or print out a picture of the tea bag. Feel free to use the flagged tea bag image on this website if you want.

If you don’t have a tea bag handy, and don’t want to have to buy a whole box of them, we can help. Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to Tea Bag Protest, P.O. Box 9459, Naperville, IL 60567 and we’ll return it to you with a free tea bag inside. If you prefer, you can address the return envelope to your chosen representative in D.C. (along with a signed letter) and we will forward it to them directly.

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