Newt Gingrich re: Tax Day Tea Party

April 10, 2009

Newt Gingrich is jumping on the Tea Party publicity. Here’s an email message from him that was forwarded to Orly Taitz by Col Riley – one of the plaintiffs in the Quo Warranto.

Subject: On Constitutional Emergency: Newt Gingrich Pushing TEA PARTY
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 22:40:42 +0000 (GMT)

A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency

Lest we forget, TAX DAY TEA PARTY is just the start………

Dear Col Harry,

On April 15, Tax Day, those of us who believe in free markets and limited government have an enormous opportunity.

This opportunity is the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party.

American Solutions is proud to be a part of a coalition of grassroots groups that are helping to organize and promote Tea Parties all across the country.  In fact, we’ve confirmed over 500 events in all 50 states and we’re still growing.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans of all political stripes will be hitting the streets to protest high taxes and fiscal irresponsibility.

To find a Tea Party in your area go to

Our goal must be to put a stop to the excessive debt, spending, and centralization of power by cynical politicians, and to put forth a clear and decisive alternative.

We’ve put together a Toolkit for Tea Parties that you can print out and take with you.

You can download it right here:

It includes, among other items, our 12 American Solutions for Jobs & Prosperity, which is a clear and decisive alternative to the big government, big bureaucracy, big spending policies of President Obama.

Thank you, and we hope you will join us for a Tea Party.

Your friend,
Newt Gingrich
General Chairman
American Solutions
Visit Constitutional Emergency at:

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