Update on Quo Warranto

April 10, 2009

The adage that Lady Justice moves slowly has been personified with barry’s birth certificate. Here’s a post from Orly Taitz about the Quo Warranto status. The longer barry is in office the more assuredly nothing will ever happen

Defend Our Freedoms

Yesterday, 04.09.09. I got a phone call back from Chris (last name was not given)  Manager of the the Mail Referral Unit of the Department of Justice. He stated that my documents were forwarded to the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice on 03.27.09.

I would like to ask all patriots who are doing phone, fax, mail and  e-mail follow up of this matter to call the Criminal Division of the Department of  Justice and demand a date – when a prosecutor will be appointed for Quo Warranto procedings [sic] of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro (under what warrant, what right does he hold the position of the President and Commander in Chief, while obfuscating all of his vital records) and when can we expect indictments on the criminal matters, outlined in Dossiers #1-5.

Please, ask for the name of the employee in the Criminal Division, that handles this file.


(3-1) Pre-Litigation Quo Warranto Letter to Atty Gen Holder
(3-13) Orly Taitz delivers documents to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-25) Taitz meets with William Chatfield (Selective Service)
(3-25) Quo Warranto and Application for Emergency Stay re-filed in person
(3-25) Orly Taitz: Documents present and accounted for at DOJ & SCOTUS
(3-26) Orly Taitz letter to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-28) Orly Taitz letter to US Atty Jeffrey Taylor
(4-10) Orly Taitz’s site cyber attacked…again?
(4-11) Taitz site abruptly shut down because of PayPal investigation
(4-11) Taitz Dossier #5 re PayPal account

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