Taitz site taken down because of PayPal investigation

April 11, 2009

Orly Taitz’s blog site DefendOurFreedoms.us went down abruptly yesterday without a previous reason posted – that I saw. I had been on it several times yesterday. Her mains site is DefendOurFreedoms.org but don’t click the blogs for updates. I looked in the google cache and found a link to the back up blog which is DefendOurFreedoms accessed through www.repubx.com

I have no reason not to believe this is a reasonable explanation, as Taitz alleged her PayPal account was tampered with, which she had just posted in Dossier #5. (I’ll post that in a separate post.) I have contacted them to make sure the post was true but have not received a response yet. There are no posts from Taitz since this message was posted but they have her previous posts in the archives.

by DefendUSx April 11, 2009 09:24 Orly is transferring the domain (www.defendourfreedoms.us) to this blog .. making it the main blog.

Her previous hosting service threatened to terminate her account if she was going to file a complaint with the FBI with regards to her Paypal account being tampered with.

She would still like to file a complaint for investigation, so decided to use this blog.

They gave her up to May 1st, but took it off prematurely without any notification before the transfer was complete.

The original domain should work within the next few days.

Orly will be posting here regularly soon. Please use the domain http://www.repubx.com to access this blog in the mean-time.

If you have any other questions, you can use the Contact form

It doesn’t explain the lack of chatter on Google.


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