Orly Taitz’s interim blog

April 12, 2009

Orly Taitz seems to be alive and well. She has posted two pictures at the interim blog about the LA Tea Party. Nothing about the abrupt shut down of her site. And WND wrote a little profile on her. We also got an email confirming that www.repubx.com is her interim blog  and that the FBI complaint was the issue.


(4-15) Updated list of birth certificate posts
(4-11) Orly Taitz cyberattacked…again?
(4-11) Site abruptly shut down because of PayPal investigation?
(4-11) Taitz Dossier #5 re: PayPal account
(4-12) Taitz site taken down because of fraudulent claims?
(4-12) Taitz letter to SCOTUS – alleged reason for the site shutdown?
(4-12) Orly Taitz’s interim blog
(4-13) Explanation re: Orly Taitz site change from her interim blog
(4-13) Orly Taitz: PayPal, FBI, Lisa
(4-15) Orly Taitz interim blog =  http://repubx.com/
(4-17) Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation
(4-18) Orly Taitz new blog = www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/
(4-20) Do not send Orly Taitz donations through PayPal


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