Taitz site taken down because of fraudulent claims?

April 12, 2009

I don’t know what the truth is.

I have been alerted to a thread on freerepublic.com by *mimi* in the comment section concerning Orly Taitz’s site. I followed the link and found a discussion about the site’s abrupt disappearance. In the thread was someone named *Calpernia* who claims to be the host who kicked Taitz off her site. Calpernia says it was because Taitz’s claims of being hacked were not true and that she was to change the report or leave. Similar to the other post except there was no mention of a deadline of May 1st or PayPal. I have not heard back from Orly’s new temporary site at www.repubx.com and as of right now there have been no new postings by Taitz.

What I find strange about Calpernia is that she doesn’t give much specific information and is vouched for by someone else. I don’t know much about these public forums or how often she posts there – but why would someone who has their own site go somewhere else to comment? (I didn’t go to her site.) If the site was hacked would the web host be held responsible/liable? Why the abruptness with no forwarding post or explanation? And why would it take a couple of days to get another site going?

Doesn’t mean it’s not true. I have no idea what the truth is. I have gotten alot of emails, which is why I posted what I could find. The facts will eventually sort themselves out – or at least the two sides will be presented.

My opinion is that Taitz is wondering off subject and her letters are not always professionally phrased and go unproofread. But the last Dossier was markedly different in tone and language, which was strange in itself. But there is absolutely no doubt that barry is hiding something about his birth certificate and it doesn’t end there.

Anyway. Here is the thread. I will post the referenced letter as the next post.

FREE REPUBLIC THREAD: (Relevant comments) I hope it is legal to post these comments. If not, could someone let me know?
Posted on Sat Apr 11 00:36:37 2009 by voveo

Does any know what happened to Dr. Orly Taitz website, http://defendourfreedoms.us/? I can’t view it anymore. Has the Obama protection team crashed that site? Is Orly OK?
To: voveo; Calpernia

Seems to have been booted off the host site. You can bet the Obamarrhoids had their hands in it.

Sat Apr 11 00:41:56 2009 by pissant

To: pissant

No, the Obamarrhoids didn’t do that.

I don’t know if you saw her open letter to the Supreme Court about the report she made to the FBI:


She reported her sites has hacked and sabotaged. They were not. I asked her to correct that or find another host. She is in the middle of migrating. Her new site will resolved within a few days.

Sat Apr 11 00:47:26 2009 by Calpernia

To: Calpernia

She reported her sites has hacked and sabotaged. = She reported her sites as hacked and sabotaged.

Sat Apr 11 00:48:54 2009 by Calpernia

To: Calpernia

OK, I was getting a little nervous there. The thing is, with this administration I wouldn’t be surprised about anything.

Sat Apr 11 00:50:48 2009 by voveo


To: voveo

She posted here:


She was looking for new web host. She finally found one. The domain will resolve to the new site in a few days.

Sat Apr 11 00:53:16 2009 by Calpernia

To: Calpernia

She lied?

Sat Apr 11 00:53:17 2009 by pissant

To: pissant

Most of that report was a lie.

Sat Apr 11 00:54:10 2009 by Calpernia

To: Calpernia

Ummmm…, that’s not encouraging…

Sat Apr 11 00:58:18 2009 by Star Traveler

To: Calpernia

“Most of that report was a lie.”

Your language is harsh. I’d like to read Orly’s side of what sounds like a business dispute. Sometimes people just have genuine misunderstandings due to miscommunication.

Sat Apr 11 01:29:55 2009 by devere

To: Calpernia; EternalVigilance

I know you and Eternalvigilance put a lot of effort into helping this woman, writing for her blog, etcetera, so this has to be somewhat painful for you. I take no pleasure in being right about her, but she’s been prone to wild hystrionics all along.

She’s not the only one involved in this that’s hinky, either. The issue is plain, there is no documentation of Obama’s eligibility for office. But, just about every figure publicly associated with the effort to acquire such documentation has been “off” somehow. It’s beginning to look like a well organized disinformation campaign to me. Paranoid? Maybe.

Sat Apr 11 02:51:11 2009 by RegulatorCountry

To: devere

Sat Apr 11 05:43:33 2009 by Calpernia

To: RegulatorCountry

There was no reason to make this report. It subjects many incidents to different perceptive interpretations.

Sat Apr 11 05:46:16 2009 by Calpernia


My eyes have been wide open all along.

Sat Apr 11 07:18:47 2009 by EternalVigilance (If you were arrested & charged with defending the Constitution, could a conviction be obtained?)

To: Calpernia

And you are WHO Calpernia?

Do you own godaddy or something?

Sat Apr 11 16:08:27 2009 by neverbluffer

To: neverbluffer

I do not own GoDaddy.

Sat Apr 11 16:43:51 2009 by Calpernia

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