Orly Taitz: PayPal, FBI, Lisa

April 13, 2009

dohicjey & JAmes –

We have nothing to do with Orly Taitz or anyone else or any other sites. I don’t know anything about the actual folks involved, like Lisa and defendusx. Sorry. It sounds like there is a lot of history there though and it makes them seem like sniping cats at a time when they should be most professional. If this is a problem that will be ongoing they should open a separate blog for the personal issues. It seems like they forget the historic and grave nature of all this. In the middle of court proceedings there will be these catty emails/posts that won’t reflect well on anyone.

Here are Taitz’s posts concerning recent developments -copied as written –  except I deleted Lisa’s last name.

Call FBI
by orlytaitz
April 12, 2009 17:57

As I have stated earlier, my paypal account was tampered with. after I reported this to FBI my former web master Lisa [deleted] has locked me and other volunteers out of the blog and made defamatory posts about me and allowed Obama thugs make defamatory comments, including some under my name, even though she knew that she locked me out. I do not take this lightly. We are making progress and this shuld not stop us. We have seen a lot of criminal behavior exhibited along the way by Obama and his crowd. I hope everypne is reporting it.

Assistant Director FBI Criminal Investigative division Kenneth W. Kaiser 281-973-6863

Local agent asigned to the case Nathan Le Cyber Crimes Division 714-245-5328; 310-710-3459

And today’s post.

Cease and Desist letter sent to Lisa
by orlytaitz
April 13, 2009 10:29

I have sent a Cease and Desist letter to Lisa [deleted] advising her to stop operating DefendOur Freedoms sites and stop using my pictures and posts and write posts under the name defend Our Freedoms foundation, as this foundation is registered under my name.


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(4-15) Orly Taitz interim blog =  http://repubx.com/
(4-17) Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation
(4-18) Orly Taitz new blog = www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/
(4-20) Do not send Orly Taitz donations through PayPal


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