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April 15, 2009

Hey JohnnyP54 –

You owe me for this one. I had no idea how many posts there were. Not by any means inclusive so *search* if need be. The copy of barry’s Selective Service registration must have gotten deleted so I’ll repost if I can find it.

NOTE: Orly Taitz had to change sites. Therefore, the early post links – prior to April 10th or so – no longer work and link to whatever now. So unless they are a pdf HTML, I would suggest you not click on them. If it helps any, I can vouch 100% that everything that was linked was truly linked to where it said and that everything unoriginal to this blog has been sourced. I don’t know if the cache for the site was cleaned out as well.

NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER – grouped by subject – not a comprehensive list (early posts) – most recent at top.


What this site is about
Updated list of birth certificate posts
Birth certificate archive


FACTS about barry’s birth certificate
barry: “You should want a leader who can tell the truth…”
barry: “I will never lie to you!”
barry believes in the Constitution, too

Anti-birthers (more below)

Eugene Robinson on “The Berserk Birthers”
Joe Conason equates birthers to the Oklahoma City Bombing
Dr Jerrod Post: “Paranoia is the most political of mental illnesses”
Liz Halloran: barry posted his “birth CERTIFICATE”
David Folkenflik re: Dobbs: “Check the facts”
Olbermann: “Joseph Farah, White Supremacist crowd”

The Obama File

The Obama File – back up?
The Obama File closed – lack of support
The Obama File website picked up by the Library of Congress

Lou Dobbs

(7-17) Lou Dobbs radio show show (video)
(7-20) Lou Dobbs shows Rep Castle videoclip (video)
(7-24) Ed Show’s “Psycho Talk”: Lou Dobbs & the birthers (video)
(7-24) Lou Dobbs: Why is the LA Times calling me – not the WH? (video)
(7-24) Lou Dobbs, Roland Martin, Rep Poe re: birth certificate (video)
(7-27) Jon Stewart re: Lou Dobbs & birthers (video)
(7-29) Lou Dobbs vs “Queen of the Teabaggers” (videos)
(7-30) TPM: Dobbs racist comments

(8-3) Bill Maher: “Of course we’re gonna hire an illegal alien to clean up” (video)
(7-29) Media Matters: CNN/Dobbs’ promoting racist conspiracies (video)
(8-3) Lou Dobbs: “There are people who want to stop the freedom of expression in this country” (video)
(8-3) Lou Dobbs re: Media Matters attack ads (video)
(8-4) Media Matters ad re: Dobbs “racially charged paranoia” (video)

(8-8) Olbermann re Dobbs: Have you had your tranquilizer dart, Lou? (video)
(8-9) Media Matters goes on CNN – does what they accused Dobbs of doing (video)

Kenyan Registration of Birth

(8-2) barry’s Kenyan birth certificate?
(8-2) Closeups Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-3) Scribd copy Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-2) Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-4) Kenyan ROB: Why alter a forgery?
(8-5) Herr Olbermann re: Kenyan birth certificate (video)

Bill O’Reilly

(8-2) Bill O’Reilly: “Did they make up the baby?!” (video)
(8-5) O’Reilly: “If I wanted to know, I’d find out tomorrow”
(8-5) O’Reilly: “Media Matters traffics in alleged racism”


(8-3)  “Crazy people using patriotism to mask deep rooted racism” (tweet)
(8-3) Andrew Sullivan: “there is no reason on earth that the original cannot be retrieved and shown”

(8-3) Chris Matthews backs out of Taitz interview
(8-3) David Shuster, Tamron Hall vs Orly Taitz (video)

(8-4) Harry Reid goes on official record re: birthers
(8-4) Michael Steele re: birthers

FireDogLake tabloid videos

(7-31) “Scum of the earth” anti-birthers go tabloid (video)
(8-1) Rep Reichert holds ground with tabloid anti-birthers (video)


(7-24) Orly Taitz has new website
(8-2) Orly Taitz site listed as malicious – use new site

New documents (more below)

HR 593: barry was born in Hawaii
Dr Fukino Statement #1
Dr Fukino statement #2
Dr Fukino statements #1 & #2
Discussion Dr Fukino statement #2
Discussion resolution
Actual August 1961 Certificate of Live Birth (birth certificate)
(8-8) barry’s google wiki search

Robert Gibbs

(5-30) Robert Gibbs lies about barry’s “birth certificate” (video)
(6-4) Mr Hemenway letter to Robert Gibbs
(7-13) Gibbs, official WH record: “I know” [that COLB is not birth certificate] (video)
(7-20) Gibbs laughs about birth certificate
(7-27) Gibbs lies about birth certificate – nobody challenges – incomplete WH transcript (video)

CNN/Media Matters/Huffington Post
(7-22) Roland Martin: birthers “are right up there with Holocaust deniers”
(7-23) Kitty Pilgrim recites nonfacts & lies as “evidence” (video)
(7-26) Dear Media Matters: What hospital was barry born in? (video)
Rick Sanchez (video)
CNN boss Jon Klein: Dobbs: birthers dead issue
CNN Jon Klein 2.0: Dobbs responsible journalist

Rep Castle & Rep Posey (barry birther bill – more below)

(7-20) Rep Castle (R-DE): “He is a citizen of the United States” (Lady in Red video)
(7-22) Rep Posey’s plea for contributions
(7-23) Rep Posey birth certificate bill: 9 sponsors
(7-31) Rep Posey bill 10th cosponsor: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX)
(7-31) Sen Inofe attacked re: birthers

Chris Matthews

(7-23) Matthews vs Rep Campbell re: Rep Posey’s bill (video)
(7-22) Matthews: “The reason I brought this up is the guy who shot at the Holocaust Museum” (video)
(7-23) Axelrod re: birth certificate issue “silly” & “trite” (video)
(7-23) Matthews, Dee Dee Myers & Blankley re: birthers (video)
(7-27) Matthews re: Jon Stewart birther rant (video)
(7-28) Ms Walsh: birthers “into the taboo of interracial sex for the crazies” (video)
(7-30) Matthews vs G. Gordon Liddy (video)
(7-30) Matthews to Chuck Todd


Sean Hannity mentions Major Cook (video)
FOX: Major Cook, birth certificate issue (video)
Anti-Fox birther site


Brian Williams (video)

Rachel Maddow

Blames birthers for Holocaust Memorial shooting (video)

Lou Dobbs “queen” statement (video)
(8-5)  Rachel Maddow: Happy Birther Day (video)

Anti-birthers (more below)

(7-2) James: answers, birth certificate, ebay
(7-12) Another anti-birther attack
(7-14) Re: rant of birther hater
(7-22) We are not “birthers”
(7-22) Birther hater comment to enjoy
(7-26) MSM’s outrage = birther recruitment
(7-28) Anti-birther: CBS’ Brian Montopoli


(5-30) barry’s paid > $1,066,591.94 in legal fees since lawsuits began
(6-4) Billboard: “Where’s the birth certificate?”
(7-26) Happy Birthday, Mr President (video)
Birth certificate reward

(7-23) Why doesn’t barry claim the $25M reward for his birth certificate?

Cook v Good

Application for TRO
Major Cook’s active duty revocation order
Application for Injunction
Major Cook’s plaintiff verification re: Injunction

Cook v Good dismissed
Cook v Good: Minute Sheet
Cook v Good: Judge Clay’s opinion

Orly Taitz re: Cook dismissal (video)
Major Stefan Cook re: dismissal (video)
Orly Taitz Update re: Major Cook’s case

Berg sealed case

(6-13) Update: Berg cases
(6-13) Berg’s sealed case “dismissed with prejudice” [Case No. 08-cv-1933]
(7-2) Berg filing motion for reconsideration

Kerchner v Obama & Congress

(6-30) The Chalice Show (radio): Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Andy Martin
Charles Kerchner  et al v Obama & Congress et al Civil Action No. 1:09-cv-00253
Charles Kerchner v Obama & Congress: Letters to the Judge
Charles Kerchner v Obama & Congress: Defense Motion
(7-7) Kerchner’s Washington Times ad re: barry’s eligibility

Orly Taitz (more below)

(7-12) Taitz Hearing re: barry default
(7-13) Orly Taitz case continues

Military Oath

US Navy Oath of Office
Enlisted vs Commissioned Military Oath of Office
Take #1 barry’s Oath of Office
TAKE #2 barry’s Oath of Office

Copies of relevant documents

Senate Resolution: McCain “natural born” (not legal)
Official Certification of Nomination (Nanci Pelosi fraud)
How little is known about barry (list)
Obama v obama divorce record
Soetoro v Soetoro divorce record
Kindergarten pix
First grade pix
First grade school registration (copy) Registered religion: Islam
Illinois attorney registration (copy)
Marriage license (copy)
Driver’s license registration (copy)
Selective Service registration
Proof: Orly Taitz licensed to appear before SCOTUS

COLB vs long form birth certificate discussions

Update 11: barry birth certificate
barry’s birth certificate re-visited
COLB vs long form birth certificate
What Dr Fukino’s statement didn’t say
Why can’t the known COLB be subpoenaed?
Dr Ron Polarik’s forgery report (video)
Make your own COLB…or barry’s
barry’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB)
barry has free access to his long form birth certificate
So…which Hawaiian hospital was barry born in?
Logic 101: COLB vs long form birth certificate (COLB copies included)

Rep Posey barry birther bill [HR 1530]

Rep Bill Posey’s (R-FL) Birth certificate bill (text)
Rep Posey’s Birth Certificate Bill to stop future barrys
Rep Posey being bot attacked for introducing barry soetoro birth certificate bill

Berg, Hollister, Donofrio, Wrotnowski

(12-8) Video transcription of call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
(12-29) UPDATE 13 (summary page like this for Berg/Donofrio/Wrotnowski)
(1-5) berg & barry featured in the Globe
(1-9) No decision by SCOTUS
(1-9) Col Hollister v barry soetoro
(1-11) Berg radio interview
(1-11) Why won’t the proobamedia air this ad?
(1-12) Berg v obama denied by SCOTUS
(1-12) Berg’s comments on SCOTUS denial
(1-16) Berg’s letter to Members of Congress
(4-9) Phil Berg press release

Judge James Robertson & James D Hemenway

Hollister v Soetoro docket
Judge Robertson’s rant re: Hollister v Soetoro
Judge Robertson: barry’s birth certificate was “was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered…”
Judge Robertson reprimands John Hemenway re: Hollister v Soetoro

Judge Robertson sends US Marshals to letter-writer’s home

Hemenway letter to Rupert Murdoch re: barry’s birth certificate
Hemenway letter to Robert Gibbs

Birther haters

Missing Orly Taitz posts
Dear birther haters:
Ben Smith: just another “birther” illiterate
A proposition for Ben Smith & Politico re: birthers
Ignorance re: barry’s birth certificate
Jake Tapper: no birth certificate questions
Politically neutral

barry & Biden with SCOTUS

Take #1 Oath of Office
TAKE #2 Oath of Office
VP Biden’s joke about Roberts’ memory
What type of Commander in Chief does this?
barry and biden meet privartely with SCOTUS
body language: barry, biden and the Supreme Court Justices

Lightfoot v Bowen

barry’s birth certificate: Lightfoot v Bowen docket
Lightfoot v Bowen disappeared off SCOTUS Docket
Lightfoot v Bowen is back

Taitz & Judge Roberts & SCOTUS Stay clerk Danny Bickell

(3-13) Orly Taitz delivers documents to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-13) AP reporter’s take on Taitz – Justice Roberts interaction
(3-16) Orly Taitz shout out to Mr Richard Holley in Moscow Idaho for his assistance
(3-16) Orly Taitz questions Chief Justice Roberts (audio/text)
(3-21) Orly Taitz questions Chief Justice Roberts (video)
(3-17) Orly Taitz outs Danny Bickell to Justice Roberts
(3-18) Explanation: Danny Bickell
(3-18) Leo Donofrio vs Danny Bickell

Quo Warranto plaintiffs – Military Oath

Military plaintiff consent form
Non-military plaintiff consent form
Enlisted vs Commissioned Military Oath of Office
Active member of Military Intelligence signed on with Taitz
Orly Taitz’s military & office holding plaintiffs
Lt Col David A Earl-Graef USAFR MC’s letter to Robert Gates
Ret Major General Carroll D. Childers signs on
State Rep Laurence Rappaport signs on Orly Taitz’s case
TN’s Frank Niceley, Stacey Campfield & Glen Casada join Eric Swafford
State Rep Eric Swafford (R-TN) signs on (2-9)

Taitz website fiasco (3-22)

Recovered Orly Taitz posts
(4-11) Orly Taitz cyberattacked…again?
(4-11) Site abruptly shut down because of PayPal investigation?
(4-11) Taitz Dossier #5 re: PayPal account
(4-12) Taitz site taken down because of fraudulent claims?
(4-12) Taitz letter to SCOTUS – alleged reason for the site shutdown?
(4-12) Orly Taitz’s interim blog
(4-13) Explanation re: Orly Taitz site change from her interim blog
(4-13) Orly Taitz: PayPal, FBI, Lisa
(4-15) Orly Taitz interim blog =  http://repubx.com/
(4-17) Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation
(4-18) Orly Taitz new blog = www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/
(4-20) Do not send Orly Taitz donations through PayPal

Taitz on radio

(3-7 & 8)  Orly Taitz’s upcoming radio appearances
(2-10) Dr Orly Taitz on Matthew Hill Radio Show

Keyes v Bowen & Occidental College

[may have to click the google cache version of the pdf]
(2-24) Keyes: “Obama is a radical Communist!”
(2-24) Keyes v Bowen: Explanation and Links
(11-13) Keyes v Bowen: Petition for Writ of Mandate
(3-13) Occidental College Subpoena: QUASHED
(1-15) Occidental College Subpoena: Relevant text
(1-15) Occidental College Subpoena: Official pdf
(2-11) Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (text)
(2-11) Occidental College Subpoena: Notice of Motion to Quash (pdf)
(2-11) Occidental College Subpoena: Motion to Quash (pdf)
(2-20) Occidental College Subpoena: Discussion of Motion to Quash
(3-13) Occidental College Subpoena: QUASHED

Quo Warranto

(3-1) Pre-Litigation Quo Warranto Letter to Atty Gen Holder
(3-13) Orly Taitz delivers documents to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-25) Taitz meets with William Chatfield (Selective Service)
(3-25) Quo Warranto and Application for Emergency Stay re-filed in person
(3-25) Orly Taitz: Documents present and accounted for at DOJ & SCOTUS
(3-26) Orly Taitz letter to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-28) Orly Taitz letter to US Atty Jeffrey Taylor
(4-9) Update on Quo Warranto
(4-28) Taitz’s Plaintiffs: Petition for an Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus

Andy Martin

National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records
Andy Martin’s April 3-4 Conference follow up
Andy Martin pre-conference background video
Andy Martin letter to Gov Lingle re: missing info
Original letter (11-2) from Andy Martin to Gov Lingle re: barry record
Letter to Media Matters

Teabaggers/Tea Party
Citizen Grand Juries

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