David Buckner passes out LIVE on Glenn Beck

April 15, 2009

When someone says they are going to pass out – they are. Here is a perfect example of what not to do.

David Buckner, Professor of Organizational Leadership at Columbia University, passed out LIVE on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show. From the clip, there is only a single glance at Buckner’s face, which is very pale. Beck notices something is wrong and asks if he’s ok. Buckner says he’s passing out – three times – and then proceeds to do so. Fortunately, Beck had Buckner’s hand, which prevented him from falling and injuring himself.

He explains and updates the situation here. I find the explanation a little odd – basically CYA – about why no one hurried over to help. If they weren’t sure about Buckner (did he look like someone who would play a joke?) – they had to know Beck and his mannerisms. He was clearly alarmed – even before Buckner passed out.


For the record: If someone feels or says they are going to pass out – make them lay down immediately. If they can’t lay down for some reason make them put their head below the level of their heart. People pass out most commonly because their blood pressure is low and not enough blood (oxygen) is getting to their brain to maintain consciousness, usually because it has pooled in their legs. If they pass out, do not hold them upright or sit them up – they will remain unconscious. Once they are flat, the blood can circulate to their brain and they should regain consciousness. Holding their legs in the air, if feasible, aids in getting the blood to the brain.

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