Andy Martin pre-conference video

April 18, 2009

He looks reasonable. He discusses the background of his attempts to get the birth certificate and lays out what the conference will be about. He is now playing the angle that since barry is POTUS, his records have historical significance and therefore should be available through the Freedom of Information Act.


He asked that Gov Lingle provide the communications surrounding the sealing of barry’s birth certificate – between her, the atty general, the Dept of Health and the Director of the DOH, Chiyome Fukino. They asked for money – he paid it. He opened up what they sent and it contained nothing he requested.

MARTIN: With regards to the missing material from the governor’s office, she’s violating the law. She has affirmatively failed to respond in a true, honest and complete manner to what she acknowledged was a legal and legitimate request for documents under the Uniform Information Procedures Act (Freedom of Information Act).

He then sent her a letter inquiring as to why she did not send what was requested. Follow the link below for the letter.

As wacky as the lawyers involved in the cases are – the people that have interacted with the lawyers are even wackier. First Donofrio and Danny boy Bickell go at it. Then Wrotnowski’s papers get sent for anthrax quarantine (when the guy proven to be responsible for the anthrax deaths had already committed suicide). Then Bickell again with the Lightfoot v Bowen case disappearing off the SCOTUS site. Then Judge James Robertson going off on an 84 y/o lawyer because Robertson was certain barry had been vetted through the texting and twittering of the citizenry. And now the Governor of Hawaii sending Martin a bunch of crap.

Who should be worried about a conspiracy?


National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records
Andy Martin’s April 3-4 Conference follow up
Andy Martin pre-conference background video
Andy Martin letter to Gov Lingle re: missing info
Original letter (11-2) from Andy Martin to Gov Lingle re: barry record

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