Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation

April 17, 2009

She remains at: http://www.repubx.com/. She put out a new dossier #6, which goes into details about her personal problems with her previous webmistress. She also goes into Phil Berg’s assistant, which I don’t get. Because it is personal and has nothing to do with barry I am not posting. I find it sad. In Taitz’s quest to clear her own name she is destroying someone else’s (warranted or not) in a very public forum, when she knows her site has millions of readers. It makes her look – in my humble opinion – like someone hell bent on destroying anyone in her path. I don’t understand why she doesn’t have a blog specifically for the eligibility issue and a separate one for other issues. And if the hacking had something to do with Berg’s assistant, then it has no relevance to barry and his operatives and shouldn’t be included with the other information. All it does is undermine Phil Berg’s cases. One wonders if that is the motive.

It’s just a bad situation all around.

Dossier #6

birth certificate posts

One Response to “Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hey Checkmate.

    Your welcome.

    Yes. I am a lifelong Chicagoan and Cubfan. It is truly shocking to me that the MSM still thinks barry’s hands are clean when Tony Rezko is the middle man connecting barry and blago. Blago is writing his tell all book that has to have barry worried.

    Folks everywhere are writing their legislators and local politicians – that’s how some signed up with Taitz. They have formed citizen grand juries and indicted barry, which is completely wild and something I didn’t know could be done.

    Rep Bill Posey (R-FLA) introduced the barry soetoro birth certificate bill (not the real name) that would mandate the presidential/VP candidates prove they are eligible – starting with their long form birth certificate – before their names go on the ballots.

    Did you know that a Nicaraguan born man has run for president the last two election cycles? A man who could not be president had his name printed on the legal ballots and folks voted for him….just like barry.

    Problem is no one has the power to make barry do anything but Congress and they’re not going to change anything. None of the courts have ruled that he is eligible or ineligible – they haven’t even asked for proof. The cases have been thrown out for lack of “standing”.

    Taitz ambushed Chief Justice Roberts in Idaho and gave him her papers–that WND petition, letters from citizens and her legal papers. He is the best chance. And he has yet to say anything.

    I agree that protest is effective, especially in huge numbers, if only that the media has to cover it. But it’s going to take someone to make the first move. Someone who will be affected by the pressure. And that includes barry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, SCOTUS, DOJ and the Intelligence agencies.

    CIA/FBI/NSA/Secret Service all know exactly who barry is. To start, they’ve seen his passport(s). They know he is not qualified to do their job (drug history) and that he is not qualified to command them. Why didn’t the Secret Service tell us whether barry was in the pew when Wright went off like that? Because he was.

    Anyway. I think the quickest easiest route to get someone to crack is to subpoena the fight the smears website & fatcheck COLB.

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