Hugo Chavez gives barry a book and gets a photo op

April 18, 2009


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez although having already shook barry’s hand waits until the meeting is to begin and goes over and gives barry a copy of “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent” by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano.

Originally published in Spanish (1971) it is an indictment on the 5oo years of colonization of Latin America by Anglos – US and Europe. Not exactly a present, considering the topic and the fact that Chavez said of barry’s comments about him “exporting terrorism”:

he’s a “poor ignoramus in need or reading and studying to understand reality.” [see link below]

It came off as a goofy jock running over to the class nerd at the last minute to get him to take his test.


At first Chavez bends over to speak but barry stands – he has he height advantage. barry awkwardly accepts the book, takes a picture and tries to rip his hand away. You can see the pressure of the grip as well as the embarrassment and disgust in barry’s face.

His face changes once again when they stand together and have a private little meeting with a female translator present filmed by Venezuelan TV. [see link below]


“It’s (always) Bush’s fault”
barry’s naivete clear on both trips
The true meaning behind Chavez’s “gift”
barry’s new rogue leader foursome
barry’s bud, Hugio Chavez calls Pres Bush “The Devil”
barry shakes Hugo Chavez’s and Daniel Ortega’s hands
Hugo Chavez gives barry a book and gets a photo op
barry’s not so genial private chat with Chavez
Post Chavez handshake press conference

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