Logic 101: COLB vs long form birth certificate

April 25, 2009

5-10: copies of barry’s COLB & an actual 1961 Hawaii birth certificate HERE

2-25-10 update: Just noticed the images are all missing. They were from Phil Berg’s Obamacrimes website that seems to change every few months. Will try to find replacements.

Birth certificate posts

When some of our *Orly Taitz* posts got attacked this post was deleted as well. I just now realized it when I was checking to make sure the links on the updated list of birth certificate posts worked. Of course it was longest and most comprehensive post of all.

All five documents are from Dr Ron Polarik’s summary via Philip Berg’s website obamacrimes.com. [See update list.]

First is a copy of an authentic Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth (COLB) both front and back. The back is where the seal and signature is – the presence of which makes it a “certified” COLB.

Next is the front side of a COLB processed within months of the time barry’s was allegedly requested and processed. It’s included because the seal is clearly evident.

barry’s one-sided “vetted” COLB follows. The “vetters” Kos, Fight the Smears, Factcheck and Politifact do not include a full back side on any of the sites, so barry’s COLB as presented is not a certified copy. Rendering what the websites supplied as proof moot.

After that is a copy of a long form (vault copy) birth certificate. As you can see they are very different. Provided on the long form is information that can be corroborated. Nothing on barry’s COLB has been or can be.

Note: barry has absolute 100% access to a copy of his long form birth certificate as long as he pays the fee. He can also direct someone else to receive a copy – even you. [see update list]

Note: No one knows which hospital barry was born in in Hawaii, if in fact he was. Why no one seems to care about this fact is beyond me. [see update list]The focus has been on the COLB saying he was born in Hawaii – but there is no tangible proof he was. Why hasn’t he provided both?

Why doesn’t any of this trouble you?

And as far as the 4 COLB’s on the websites has no one found a way to subpoena them? Has anyone even tried? They were intentionally and voluntarily posted as proof for all of  the American People – not just a select few. barry asked it be vetted and placed in the most public venue on the planet and yet only four sites have actually “seen” it.

Why not others?

It is either proof or it isn’t. It is either public or not.

Why, if the courts have ruled that no one citizen has “standing” to compel barry to produce his records, do 4 websites have “standing” to see and examine them?

Why is no lawyer pursuing this angle? Prove that factcheck [directly connected to barry] and politifact have made errors on other fact checkings and it calls into question their vetting of barry’s COLB. Wouldn’t have to set foot near barry. Once the website COLBs are obtained and proven to be inadequate – whether by incompleteness sake or forgery – the long form would have to be produced.

The piece of paper barry provided as his COLB is not complete, certified, or been connected in any way to the long form Dr Fukino vouched for. Note also that after questions were raised, Dr Fukino never amended her statement in any fashion. What her spokesperson said means absolutely nothing, as she did not see and verify the long form.

This is what we are left with:

Known COLB not complete.

Known COLB not certified.

Known COLB not proven to have been derived from the long form.

Known long form present and in compliance with Hawaiian law – but nothing revealed about what information was on it. He could have been born anywhere in the world and still have a long form birth certificate in compliance with Hawaiian law.

barry and his sister and numerous other sources say barry was born variably at Queens Medical Center or Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, even though barry at one point had a copy of his long form in his possession, documented in his book, “Dreams From My Father”.

Add also that barry’s entire proof of eligibility is based on the “vetting” of sympathetic websites, who refer to the actual document they vetted as a “birth certificate”, which it is not, so their “vetting” is completely useless and inadmissible – based solely on that fact.

Conclusion: No known irrefutable evidence or document exists that definitively proves when, where or how barry was born.

So, why there is any question this needs further examination?

And why aren’t more people concerned, including, and especially, Congress and the Senate?

Simple argument: I ask what’s in your hand. You tell me you have a $50 bill. I ask to see it. Instead of showing me right there and then you call a friend. He takes a picture of it and then “reassures” me it is a $50. Of course I don’t believe him so I say c’mon just show me. You tell me to go look at his website where he’s posted a picture of one side of it. I look at the site and wonder why I have to look at an image of something when you could just show me the real thing. I ask again. You refuse. Well, now I’m really curious, so I try to look for myself. I find out only you can tell me. I ask again. You say no – ask my friend – he’s already told you it’s a $50. Now I’m irked. It’s becoming clear the only logical explanation is that it is not a $50 and may not be money at all. So I go about trying to compel you to show me what you willingly told me you had. You refuse and retreat behind your lawyers. I persist. You resist. I conclude you have to be hiding something because you are spending much more than $50 trying to prove to me that it’s a $50 when all you have to do is show me.

Sound familiar?

What 5 y/o would believe him?

And what is $50 compared to a nuclear missile?

So what is needed for him to prove he IS eligible — not the American People needing to prove he is NOT eligible?

The burden of proof is on him – even though the Court has consistently ruled it is on the citizen bringing the suit, who can never do so because a private citizen has no “standing” in which to compel barry to produce the records that would prove his eligibility.

That is why the cases failed in the Courts – not because they were without merit.

Who has “standing”?

According to the Honorable R. Barclay Surrick, who presided over Philip Berg’s first complaint (Berg v Obama) – Congress does.

His ruling (in part):

Congress could determine “that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency,” but that it would take new laws to grant individual citizens that ability.

Hence Florida (R) Representative Bill Posey’s proposed bill requiring future presidential candidate to produce proof of eligibility – at the very minimum – their long form birth certificate.

barry sought the Office of the Presidency, which has two basic requirements. It is up to him to provide proof of his eligibility. Just like a Little Leaguer has to prove his age in order to play. The onus is not on the voter to prove he is NOT eligible, any more than it is on the other team.

Everything listed below is available to him. He has been fighting their release at least as far back as September 2008. He is still fighting their release.


The one and only explanation is he is hiding something, which does not necessarily mean he is NOT eligible – just that he has not provided and refuses to provide evidence that he IS eligible.

Definitive proof of natural born citizenship: forensic examination of vault copy birth certificate.

Supporting documents: hospital records.

Supporting documents for change of citizenship: passport, college and perhaps medical records.

Definitive proof of relationship to barry Sr: DNA comparison to grandmother Sarah and half-brother George.

Fact: The media is completely corrupted.

To irrefutably prove this, one need only ask: Would Secretary Hillary Clinton have been allowed to be president without any of this information being known?

The answer is a resounding no.

So, why barry?

Conclusion: The US Intelligence Agencies do not want the American People to know who barry is.


Because they don’t care.

Because they don’t know.

Because he got through their vetting process and it would be an embarrassment.

Because it now is a matter of national and global security. [True]

Because barry is blackmailing them.

Because they are being blackmailed by another entity.

Because it is a matter of unknown unknown that will be written off as a “matter of National Security”.

Disclaimer: I am not paranoid or a conspiracist racist or any of those other derogatory terms. Nor am I affiliated with any candidate, political party, organization, movement or cause and have no axe to grind. I have never registered to vote or been involved or followed politics until January 2008 and I only did so then because of the obvious media bias – hence this site.

I am a regular American citizen whose father and all five uncles served in World War II. I can think logically and cannot understand why it is no one cares that the American President, who has the capacity to send courageous American volunteers into battle – some to a certain death – and who can by his own decision, with no veto power, start a nuclear war, has not and continues to refuse to prove he is eligible to do so.

Why doesn’t that alarm you?


Go to Polarik’s sight for the forensic breakdown. These are provided just for visuals. I’ll try to make them as large as I can – but they are hard to read – especially the long form. They are better seen on Polarik’s site.

Front side – Authentic Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth (COLB)

Back side of authentic Hawaiian COLB

COLB from within months of when barry’s was allegedly requested and processed. Included because the seal is clearly evident.

barry’s COLB.

Long form Hawaiian birth certificate = Certificate of Live Birth

Short form COLB = Certification that the Certificate of Live Birth exists

All documents are from Dr Ron Polarik’s research obtained via Obamacrimes.com. Follow update list for links to points mentioned. Orly Taitz has her own expert – a woman – I’m sorry I don’t know her name nor have I seen her research. I think one point is that the COLB has been altered (blacked out certificate number) rendering it – as it says in large print right on it – invalid.

Lastly, no matter what you believe or do not believe – just for a moment ponder what it would mean to barry’s daughters if he, a self-proclaimed Constitutional law “professor”, really is Constitutionally ineligible to hold the Office of the Presidency. And then ponder what it would say of their mother, who knew it when she stated she was really proud of her country for the first time in her adult life.

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