POTUS: “We are not at war with Islam”

April 6, 2009

rant alert

barry may not be, but I am.

And any self-respecting woman who enjoys freedom and believes women’s rights are human rights should be.

Woman in the Muslim world right now are being beaten, stoned, raped, killed, forced to marry, sold into slavery, disfigured for wanting a divorce or striving to be educated, and their daughters’ genitals are being sliced and hacked at because of the “holy men’s” interpretation of Islam.

Women and children abused in every fashion imaginable without threat of prosecution.

Fathers, brothers, and husbands allowed free reign over women and children – theirs or not.

Precious little girls sold to men 2-8 times their age to settle their cowardly fathers’ debts.

Holy men sanctioning every evil bit of it, nullifying the legitimacy of Islam as a religion.

No religion sanctions the enslaving and ritual abuse of women and children.

Men do.

Do they not realize what it is saying about them?

About their (lack of) morals and values?

About their country and religion?

Do they not realize how it reflects on their own ancestors and tribe’s honor when they are willing to sell, mutilate, disfigure and murder their own DNA?

How impotent are Muslim men that they need to own a woman in order to keep her? That they need to rape and destroy a young girl before her sexual organs have matured?

Have they no idea what this says about their manhood – literally and figuratively?

In what type of savage civilization does a 10 year-old have to run away to ask for a divorce only to find out that she can only do so when she becomes an “adult” at 15. Long after she has been ruined by the pedophile she was traded to like a common farm animal.

How blind do these savage nations think the world is?

We see what they are doing.

We hear their cowardly justifications that it is ‘custom’ and ‘religion’.

We watch as woman, after woman, after woman, and child, after child, after child are mutilated for the sake of  their brother’s, father’s, son’s or arranged husband’s ‘honor’.

And they expect non-Muslim women to honor their religion and holy men?

Where is the honor in killing your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters?

How are we to respect the rest of the Arab world, including Turkey, who sit by and do nothing?

Yes, I am very much at war with Islam and will be until one Muslim country says to the world that the savagery sanctioned by Islam: female genital mutilation, child marriages, and honor killings is inhuman and needs to stop and it needs to be punished.

It is the Koran the human detonators quote before they blow their cowardly selves up. Allah is great! It’s time to find my 7 virgins in Allah heaven!

It is the only place they can find virgins. The rest have had their virginity bartered for by pedophiles.

The detonators are deluded into believing they will be martyred, and wind up like all the other martyrs.


And where is the courageous leader of the human detonators and hate-filled killing machines?

Hiding in a cave, like a beast.

And the rest?

Hiding behind scarves – obscuring their identities – so proud of what they’ve allowed themselves to become.

If it is Allah’s will, then why don’t they show their faces?

It is a blessing once their hate-filled flesh explodes.

They can no longer recruit and brainwash more savages.

They can no longer throw acid into the faces of schoolgirls.

And they can no longer beat their mothers, rape their wives and sell their daughters.

Child marriages are nothing other than unholy unions consecrated by sanctioned rape. And night after night after night after night, defenseless little girls weighing less than 100lbs are allowed to be raped – their yet unripened and already mutilated genitals invaded over and over and over and over by emasculated shameful pigs.

Yes, I am very much at war with Islam – just as I am against polygamy and “religious” cults in the US, who think it’s ok for children to be raped by adults – including their parents – in the name of free love and “God’s will”.

But they live in a country where they can potentially escape. Where someone can hear their pleas for help and provide them shelter and care. Where someone finds what is happening to them reprehensible.

Where their rapists and savagers can be held accountable in a court of law.

Not so for Muslim women.

And that is wrong.

And it needs to stop.

Those of you who have been leaving comments in Arabic, why don’t you use the Google translation page so we can all see what you are saying?

As is, you just get deleted and we learn nothing.

© 2009 MI

Hillary Rodham Clinton: “Womens’s Rights are Human Rights”
Ranked #35 out of the top 100 speeches of the 21st Century

Female genital mutilation
While the Arab World Sits Silent
Child marriages go unabated in Arab World
Arab Charter on Human Rights – does not allow the marriage of 8 y/o girls and yet not a single Arab country demands it stop. They all signed it – therefore they are all violating it by not enforcing it.

2 Responses to “POTUS: “We are not at war with Islam””

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hello Ms AlleSanDrja:

    Thank you for your thoughts.

    Yes, we hear a lot about how that is different thinking than what the “moderates” believe but we hear nothing from the moderates about the non-moderates.

    Why is there no outrage? Why are there no calls for it to stop? Why aren’t the countries who allow child marriages – in direct defiance of the Arab Charter on Human Rights that they signed – allowed to continue without sanction from the “moderates”?

    Who else is going to stop them? Their fellow mutilators? The Western Infidels?

    Silence – standing by and doing nothing – living in peace and prosperity – while such heinous acts take place is as reprehensible as the acts themselves because the silence is what allows it to continue.

    The only way it is going to stop is if the moderates do something.

    And they are doing nothing but smelling the roses and ignoring the thorns that poison the entire Arab World.

  2. Ms Alle San Dria Says:

    U are seeing only a certain portion of the Muslim world, who has extremely different thinking from the moderates. It’s like…for example u view a beautiful rose, but u only observe the thorns.

    I’m a Muslim in Asian country, and we are living in peace and prosperity.

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