UPDATED Proof: Orly Taitz licensed to appear before SCOTUS

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April 28, 2009

For you folks who continue to assert that Orly Taitz is a) not a “real” lawyer and b) not licensed to appear before the US Supreme Court.

And again, we are not in any way affiliated with her or any other website, organization, candidate or political party.

From Taitz’s website & Copy with seal below it.


Crystal and the rest of you who wanted to see the seal – here it is.

It is curious to me that you accept a (forged) non-birth certificate “vetted” by websites unabashedly sympathetic to a man you do not know as proof to hold the highest Office in the land and yet believe a lawyer who has been trying to get her cases heard before the US Supreme Court would place a forged document on line for all of you mindless bots to investigate.

Do you see your idiocy?


One Response to “UPDATED Proof: Orly Taitz licensed to appear before SCOTUS”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hi David.

    Thanks for that. I’m sure some folks will find it helpful. I hope you’re right but this happens every month or so.

    What kept all those folks you mentioned from doing something about it 9 months ago? When McCain and Palin were still in the hunt?

    Nobody wants to burst the barry myth. Nobody wants to expose him for what he is because it is such a despicable thought that it’s easier to believe it’s not true. And if it’s true what does it say about the electorate? The media? The obama’s themselves who went into it knowing he wasn’t eligible. And the stellar examples of parenthood? Risked their beautiful daughters’ entire lives because of their own selfish desires.

    It will take just a single prick of barry’s bubble of mythology and it all gets exposed. The people who still think there isn’t a problem with his birth certificate even as he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars (forget that load of pro bono bs) fighting the ever-increasing numbers of lawsuits and citizen grand juries – refuse to face facts and will never have their minds coerced. Their minds work only one way: attack attack attack any and all barrynaysayers because the man they think they are defending they haven’t a clue about.

    barrynaysayers know and have always known more about him than his own people because his people don’t care who he is.

    I find it funny – but the situation isn’t.

    All you need to do is look at his reversals. Iraq was enough to prove he is a complete and utter fraud and that his campaign was based on the race card, white guilt, media bias, dirty foreign money and Iraq. Iraq being the exact very fairy tale Mr Bill said it was and what every rational person could see.

    Oh well. I think the point of this was these peaks happen and then nothing. It’s too late now anyway. That’s why he keeps stumping – so he’ll have the will of the people should anyone every have the integrity to expose and admit thee truth about barry.

    Imagine barry is the fraud he is – what does it say about FOX, Beck, Limbaugh and everybody else? It would mean he duped all of them. It would mean admitting that they were just as obamerized. FOX just as fooled and foolish-looking as MSNBC.

    What’s the likelihood of that?

    And the truly sad thing? All it would take is one previous classmate or acquaintance of barry’s to step forward and tell the truth. And they could do it 100% anonymously.

    Thanks again.

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