Lt Dan Choi kicked out of Guard b/c he’s gay

May 6, 2009

Lt Choi posts/interviews

This world is officially mad. Just as another state legalizes same-sex marriage, a member of the NY Army National Guard was kicked out of the Guard for admitting he is gay.

Lt Dan Choi was on Rachel Maddow on March 19. Shortly after he said “I am gay…Westpoint” – the audio cut out. Not a mystery was it? Maddow then had him back on the next night and he said the same thing.

Lt Choi graduated from West Point, served two tours in Iraq and is fluent in Arabic. He served as a liaison of sorts between local leaders and the Army. What did say to Iraqi citizens to have a man with an Asian face speak to them in their language while representing the US Military?

What do you think mattered to them? His sexual orientation or the fact that he could converse in their native language and could listen and answer their questions?

Is there a sudden excess of Arabic-speaking soldiers and military personnel?

Here’s Rachel Maddow tonite announcing his dismissal from the Guard. Choi will be on her show tomorrow, May 7th.


Excerpts from the letter he received:

This is to inform you that sufficient basis exists to initiate action for withdrawal of Federal Recognition  in the Army National Guard for moral or professional dereliction… 

Specifically, you admitted publicly that you are a homosexual, which constitutes homosexual conduct…

Your actions negatively affected the good order and discipline of the New York Army National Guard.

That would be funny except it is anything but.

It will be interesting to see how Rachel Maddow and the rest of the LGBT community go after barry on this one.


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