Rachel Maddow: Lt Dan Choi re: his dismissal from the Army

May 7, 2009

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Lt Dan Choi appeared on Rachel Maddow in person this time to discuss his getting kicked out of the military simply because he said: “I am gay”. Saying it is considered “homosexual behavior” and therefore a violation of the military code. And yet not saying and lying about it is against the honor code.

This is such madness. He is a graduate of West Point. He has done two tours in Iraq and is willing to do a third. He is fluent in Arabic. He is respected by his comrades. He has been an honorable soldier. What is the problem?

And what happens to the straight men in the military who rape their fellow female soldiers?

If they are given a trial the usual “sentence” is demotion rank/pay. See this post for detail. Women in the military are raped at twice the rate as civilian women. 1:3 vs 1:6. And who is doing it? Not the gay soldiers.

Is there a single non-Arabic speaking soldier who would not want Lt Choi at their side if they were ever captured?


He looks really hurt. His career has been taken from him. He’s angry that the letter referred to his unit as well. He has the option to resign and receive and honorable discharge. He has the option to fight, which is what he plans on doing.

CHOI: I think “Don’t ask don’t tell” is wrong. What we really need to be encouraging soldiers to do is: Don’t hide. Don’t lie. Don’t discriminate and don’t weaken the military.

Also on the show was Rep Joe Sestak (D-PA), who Maddow said was a retired US Navy Rear Admiral and highest ranking former military officer to to serve in Congress. He thinks it could and should be repealed by this summer. He co-wrote the bill that evidently never made it out of committee.

SESTAK: With this President, let’s re-emphasize that everyone – everyone – is created equal.

12, 500 dismissals from the service not created equal.

Lt Choi’s Speech from Knight’s Out site (emphasis added)

The truth is, Gays and Lesbians have served our country since its founding.

They defended our country even before our country learned how to discriminate against them.


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