Go ahead, it’s Saudi Arabia, slap them b*tches up side the head

May 11, 2009

It seems they keep track of domestic violence in Saudi Arabia because it’s on the rise. The reporting of it that is. Just think for a minute. There are no female police in Saudi Arabia, so when  women/girls try to report a sexual assault they have to tell a man, who already thinks they are property of their male relatives/husband. If they ever progress from caves in the desert and palaces with consorts into the 21st century and allow women to be police officers and judges, the incidence of all crimes against women would increase exponentially, because for once they would be worth reporting.

It was shocking just to read that women were allowed not only to attend a domestic violence seminar but that they were allowed to vocally protest – albeit from behind their mandated shrouds, which were the subject of the protest.

The caveman of a judge said if the husband beast decides that the little missus spent too much money buying a garment she must wear – he can slap her across the face. Yep. I didn’t see what page he quoted from the Koran where it is so written.

I wonder if they realize how ridiculous they look when these stories break in the US?

And Saudi Arabia is supposed to be a “moderate Arab state” and “progressive” even as the Supreme Imam decrees that it’s ok to sell off girls as young as 10 and that there’s no problem mutilating their genitals either. Savages. All of them are savages. Morons don’t realize that if they allowed their women to actually do something they wouldn’t have to receive a stipend to go shopping with. And if they could actually drive a vehicle they could do some comparison shopping.

From CNN’s MOHAMMED JAMJOOM [emphasis added]:

Arab News, a Saudi English-language daily newspaper based in Riyadh, reported that Judge Hamad Al-Razine said that “if a person gives SR 1,200 [$320] to his wife and she spends 900 riyals [$240] to purchase an abaya [the black cover that women in Saudi Arabia must wear] from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment.”

Women in the audience immediately and loudly protested Al-Razine’s statement, and were shocked to learn the remarks came from a judge, the newspaper reported.

Arab News reported that Al-Razine made his remark as he was attempting to explain why incidents of domestic violence had increased in Saudi Arabia. He said that women and men shared responsibility, but added that “nobody puts even a fraction of blame” on women, the newspaper said.

Al-Razine “also pointed out that women’s indecent behavior and use of offensive words against their husbands were some of the reasons for domestic violence in the country,” it added.

Women can’t be blamed when they aren’t allowed do anything. And they aren’t. They are ordered around by the beasts they were sold to.

And, now, bonus, they can slap their wives over a piece of clothing she is being made to wear. You don’t like it – I’m sure they can do better.

And what is considered “indecent behavior”? Showing ones ankles? Protesting marital rape? Fighting for a divorce for their 8 y/o daughter? Resisting the mutilation of their daughters’ genitals?

Do these beasts have any idea what this says about their lack of manhood that they have to slap instead of reason? That they have to smack the mother of their children in order to prove their dominance?

More from Jamjoom:

Domestic violence, which used to be a taboo subject in the conservative kingdom, has become a hot topic in recent years. Groups like the National Family Safety Program have campaigned to educate the public about the problem and help prevent domestic abuse.

Saudi women’s rights activist Wajeha Al-Huwaider told CNN that Saudi women routinely face such attitudes.

“This is how men in Saudi Arabia see women,” she said in a telephone interview from the Saudi city of Dahran. “It’s not something they read in a book or learned from a friend. They’ve been raised to see women this way, that they’re less than a person.”

Al-Huwaider added that “I’m not surprised to see a judge or a religious man saying that – they’ve been raised in the same culture – a culture that tells them it’s ok to raise your hand to a woman that this works.”

These women are heroes and should be applauded as such. Wonder what type of violence they had been subjected to before and what they are dealing with now because of their work.

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