Peterson defense, Reem Odeh re: unidentified remains

Drew Peterson posts

May 27, 2009

Peterson publicist Glenn Selig:

The following is a statement from Reem Odeh, a member of Drew Peterson’s legal team, in response to authorities identifying the body found in the Des Plaines River as being a man:

There was a lot of speculation that the body was that of Stacy Peterson, and Stacy’s family was notified about the discovery.  This isn’t the first time the media has jumped to conclusions and tried to solve a case based on incomplete information.

We can take no joy or relief in the fact that it isn’t her because some family somewhere will be grieving. But we hope this invigorates a global search for Stacy and brings attention to the fact that she is still missing. Her family misses her and wants her to come home.

And her still married engaged husband?

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