barry’s birth certificate

May 30, 2009

Hello persepone7524 –

I had hoped not to have to get back into the birth certificate issue because it will never be resolved until someone – just one – credible person comes forward and tells the truth about barry. Think of how many classmates there were at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard who must know something and not any of them have come forth. How many have even been interviewed for any reason? How many “friends” of barry have been heard from? This eloquent, charismatic man doesn’t seem to have had any friends. Why doesn’t anyone find that curious? The ones the Chicago Tribune talked to said barry’s account of his high school years were bogus as far as his struggle with his racial identity. And then there were Occidental students who knew him as “barry” who said he exaggerated his drug use. And a student from Columbia who said he never saw any racial comments written on the bathroom walls like barry claimed. Those are just the few I’m familiar with.

And then there’s the issue of Taitz and Berg having at each other that Robert Bauer must be having a chuckle over.

Anyway. Yes I am familiar with Mr Hemenway and his letter. I never got around to posting Judge Robertson’s rant where he uses the internet and twitter as proof of barry’s vetting. Or the story of the man who was visited after he criticized Judge Robertson. I’ll see if I can find those and post them.

What does need to be posted is Robert Gibbs LYING during the press briefing about barry’s birth certificate. The best part of the video is the face he makes and the way the press corps laughs.

So, yes. I’ll wade back in and post what I have.

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