Peterson defense requesting new judge

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May 30, 2009

Late yesterday Peterson’s attorneys filed a motion to request a new judge because she is “prejudiced against the defendant.” I can’t find any more information or his filings. Brdsky hasn’t put out a press release either. They had 9 days from the last hearing to file a substitution-of-judge request. I have a post on this in the drafts I’ll have to find. It centered on the fact that Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes had been involved in court proceedings between Drew Peterson and then Kathleen Peterson. Brodsky brought it up – the judge say she didn’t remember anything but he gave her 9 days to file. Immediately after the hearing, Brodsky said he didn’t think they would ask for one and his partner Abood said she was fine but that they would look it over.


We’ve got 9 more days to file a motion for substitutions. I won’t totally foreclose it – but as I said we’ve looked at this judge and talked to people about her and investigated her . She is someone with a very sharp legal mind – very bright – and is not afraid to make unpopular rulings. So that’s exactly the type of judge we want for this case.


She’s fine. She’s gonna be fine. This is gonna be a long process. This is a big case. It’s difficult to be thrown into this case given everything that’s transpired over that last 18 months. Everything that we’ve heard about her is that she is an excellent judge, that she’s got a great intellect that in the moment she”l be able to rise to the occasion and make sound decisions.

We’ve got the whole weekend. We’re going to look at all of our options.

They are also requesting that the judge not be Judge Daniel Rozak. He ok’d the $20M bail.

My opinion – Drew Peterson doesn’t want a woman judging him. More precisely his attorneys don’t want a woman judging him, especially after his disgusting “Win a conjugal visit with Drew” radio conversation with Mancow. Something else I haven’t posted yet. Then here’s the simple delay while they scramble ot put a case together.

Either way the defense looks bad already.

  • Blindsided by the indictment – April 29th on Mancow Brodsky said there would never be an indictment on Kathleen Savio. End of story. Period. 8 days later Peterson’s arrested.
  • Brodsky on a flight as Peterson is arrested, which happens to be going to New York, where he can go on GMA, The Early Show and Today show having not talked with his client.
  • Blindsided by the amount of bail.
  • Blindsided by prosecutors request for a new judge.
  • Blindsided by the name of the new judge. Doesn’t know who she is even though there are evidently only 6 to choose from.
  • Immediately asked for a change and then came back from break and said she’s fine.
  • Talked about asking for a new prosecutor – never did.
  • Before Peterson’s bond reduction hearing said the bond should be $100-250K – ends up staying at $30M.
  • Asked if they would ask for a new judge after that hearing said they didn’t think it was necessary.
  • Add to that Joel Brodsky and Reem Odeh trash talking Kathleen Savio to her sister on Dr Phil. Something else I haven’t had a chance to post.

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