barry’s paid >$1,066,691.94 in legal fees since lawsuits began

birth certificate posts #2
August 2009 = $1,337,446.12

May 31, 2009

barry has not produced any document – not a single one – that definitively proves he is eligible to be president. Actual fact. That green, one-sided, unverified, uncertified Certification of Live Birth is not a birth certificate no matter how much Robert Gibbs lies. The factcheckers aka “vetters” provided only one full side – the front – and in their conclusions they called it a “birth certificate”.

One cannot vet something one doesn’t know the name of.

The cases brought against him were not dismissed because they lacked merit – they were dismissed because they lacked “standing” – one of the three requirements for a case to be heard. A regular citizen, a presidential candidate like Keyes and a military man subject to recall like Col Hollister do not have standing to sue the president to compel him to produce proof of his eligibility. Not a single court – including the Supreme Court –  has looked into the evidence or asked that that useless COLB of barry’s be forensically examined. They haven’t examined it themselves even as barry’s lawyers use it as proof in their court filings – including to the Supreme Court.

barry is still fighting cases in court – attempting to block all access to his medical, school and birth records and has spent over a million dollars doing so – when a copy of his long form birth certificate would cost less than $20. You folks who continue to write that it is pro bono are delusional. barry paid Robert Bauer by making him the DNC’s lawyer ensuring that everything will remain confidential – but his law firm is being paid rather handsomely.

4-15-2009 FEC Perkins Coie is Robert Bauer’s firm.

Berg lawsuit started in September.

2008 Oct-Dec = $378,375.52.

2009: Jan-March = $688,316.42

Total $1,066,691.94


perkins coie 2009 Q1

Don’t know what this pertains to.



It defies reality to pay out this much money unless one was hiding something. Ask yourself why a man can continue to claim “transparency” and yet refuses to submit documents that every other president has – most of them while they were still campaigning.

What isn’t known about Secretary Clinton? Would she have been allowed to be President without that information being known? Absolutely not and absolute proof of pro-obama media bias.

Why hasn’t the media done their job and forced him to disclose the information? Or at the very least asked him for them?

They have willingly been corrupted – including FOX – for unknown and curious reasons.

Eventually Andy Martin is going to prevail under the Freedom of Information Act. I’ll have to go check how his case is proceeding. Unless of course it becomes a “matter of national security”.

Wonder what this payment to Politico was for.


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