Saudi Arabia’s pre-POTUS preparations

June 1, 2009



So barry is heading to the Muslim world again. He hasn’t been to two continents – South American or Australia. He had traveled to 15 countries (not including Pakistan or Afghanistan) for a total of 33 days in official capacity vs 8 years as First Lady traveling to 2 more continents and 50 more countries than him. His travel to Europe was a sum total of one overnight stay (< 24 hours) on his way home from Russia.

And y’all fell for it.

You said experience didn’t matter.

And what did he do?

Named his opponent Secretary of State. Something he couldn’t do even with training wheels. Tea-sipping Secretary Clinton knows the protocol in 83 countries and barry and Michelle didn’t even get it right in the UK and it went downhill after that. Anyway. He hasn’t been to Eastern Europe (except Russia on a Codel) or Japan or India or China or Central America or Ireland or Vatican City but he added on a stop to visit his old pal King Saudi so he can bend completely over in the privacy of a tent or a cave or a palace or wherever the women and “child brides” are slaves. He has yet to speak out on anything except the marital rape law in Afghanistan – and then only because he was pressured. He has not said anything while in the companies of Arabs. He has the courage and conviction of a gnat.

And how is the center of the Muslim World, the “moderate” and “progressive” land of Saudi Arabia preparing for his visit?

Public execution. In this particular case, the beheading was accompanied by a “crucifixion” – which his nothing to do with Christianity. It means the body is displayed in public as a “deterrent”. 

GROSS WARNING: They are beheaded first and their head is sewn back on and the reassembled corpse is mounted on a pole or a tree and left for all to see. His was displayed “throughout the evening”.

2009 and there are still savages beheading folks – as in women, too – in public. [I don’t know about Saudi Arabia but Iran executes folks who (allegedly) commit crimes as a minor.] They have a special square just for this purpose. It’s called “Chop Chop” Square (Deera Square) for obvious reasons. In the center is a drain so they can flush the blood and whatever else away when they’re finished. Cleanliness being next to Godliness. They used to be held on Fridays after noon prayers – now they take place unannounced but always at 9:00 am.

And the executioner?

The job is a coveted one, often passed from father to son.

What qualifies for the death penalty?

…many crimes, such as armed robbery, rape, adultery, drug use and trafficking, and renouncing Islam. There’s a woman on death row now for witchcraft, and the charge is based partly on a man’s accusation that her spell made him impotent.

In this case, the crime was “an offense of rebellion, one that basically rejected all of the rules of religion and society” and he was caught in the act. And what he did was truly evil and would probably qualify for the death penalty in some states.

And according to the article:

There is also no written penal code, so questions of illegality depend on the on-the-spot interpretations of police and judges.

Amnesty International’s Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui:

[The trial proceedings] usually take place behind closed doors without adequate legal representation. Convictions are often made on the basis of “confessions” obtained under duress, including torture or other ill-treatment during incommunicado detention.

But it appears (alot of) money talks.

At any time until the sword strikes, a victim’s family can pardon the condemned — usually for a cash settlement of at least two million riyals ($690,000 or so) from the convict or his family.

Usually though:

AI’s Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui: Those who are sentenced to death are often not informed of the progress of legal proceedings against them or of the date of execution until the morning when they are taken out and beheaded.

How common?

There were 102 executions in Saudi Arabia in 2008 and is aware of 136 people believed to be awaiting execution….”but nobody knows how many people are on death row.”

Sahraoui: King Abdullah should show true leadership and commute all death sentences if Saudi Arabia is to have any role to play as a global leader or member of the G-20.

Do you think that is on barry’s agenda?

Sources: BOLD links are to an article with a description of the beheading — towards the bottom. Amnesty International links are from a CNN article.

Katie Couric recently returned from Saudi Arabia. She gives a glimpse of the Square.


May 13, 2009

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