Billboard: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

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June 4, 2009

World Net Daily is in the process of leasing billboards that say: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” It’s their latest cause célèbre to compel barry to produce proof of his eligibility. Their previous campaign was an e-petition that gathered a reported 400K names. A list of which Orly Taitz dropped off in Idaho for Chief Justice Roberts to read – which he said he would do. And a number Robert Gibbs snickered at during his May 27th press briefing when he flat out lied about barry’s birth certificate being “on the internet”. Check out this post to watch Gibbs’ dismissive attitude that one day will be Exhibit A in the Smithsonian.

What I can’t understand is why it took so long to ask if their reporter goes to the press briefings every day. Maybe they explain it somewhere on their site. I don’t go there often because their posts are so hard to read. I have dyslexia and they underline whole sentences as a link and it makes it read as one long word and the second half of posts seem identical to previous ones.

Anyway their focus now is on billboards. A digital one is already up on Highway 165 in Ball, LA and another has been leased along Interstate 5 in Orange County. Standard billboards with the same message are due to go up in PA & CA – locations undisclosed.

Here’s what makes it noteworthy.

CBS owns 550,000 billboards and they made a corporate decision to refuse to allow WND to advertise on any of them. Here’s the scope of CBS’ operation from WND’s article:

CBS also owns one of the three major broadcast TV networks and radio networks, an online advertising division, television stations, Showtime and Simon & Schuster, one of the largest book publishers in the world. The billboard division manages $2 billion in annual revenues, according to company statements. It also boasts controlling more billboard space than any other company in North America, with 1,600 employees in more than 50 offices nationwide. It controls billboard space in every major American city.

It’s their right to refuse but it’s the way in which it was reportedly done. As seen through WND’s (unnamed) billboard purchasing agent, who had had no opinion on the message going in:

They (CBS) already knew about this campaign when approached. Being involved in this campaign has not only opened my eyes but has disillusioned my faith in Americans standing up for what’s right and equal in the eyes of our forefathers who wrote the Constitution for this very reason. It has made me feel sad.

Even the local CBS ad exec was shocked at the edict from corporate.

We just received an e-mail from CBS Corporate. They are aware of this campaign and we are not allowed to install it. This came straight from corporate. Sorry!

These are the folks who will be listened to by others. People who were just doing their job thinking nothing of it until they experienced the censorship firsthand. And they should be the ones targeted. They will reach more people in the long run – if done correctly – than the billboards themselves. They can create more buzz than a billboard because they will have their own personal tales to recount. And, most importantly, there will be hundreds of corporate memo/emails/phone calls refusing sale in every state – not just a smattering.

If Mr Farah was smart he would send people into as many CBS-controlled billboard agencies as possible in every state – has to be every state – to request space. They’re not going to provide it so the people going in don’t even have to have the money or the real intent – they just have to look the part and above all be courteous and convincing. When they are refused (they should be undramatically surprised) they should just shake their heads and say something like ‘what has our country become’ and walk out.

The people in those offices who were told not to let lease the billboard will be believed. They will tell people what they personally experienced – how Big Brother affected their lives. It will suddenly become a personal reality — not some internet rumor by vindictive racist sore losers and crazies.

If done correctly, this could be the absolute proof and inciting factor that turns the tide across the whole country. Because regular people – The American People – including barry voters – in local communities will witness firsthand the Big Brother censorship barry naysayers have seen for the last two years. And they will see it as pertains their own businesses, communities and lives. People whose jobs depend on the 550, 000 CBS-controlled billboards – on the revenue and commissions – are going to be pist when business is turned away that otherwise might have paid for granny’s medicine or junior’s tuition or the husband’s psychiatrist or simply paid for food, rent and gas.

From the places listed as potential sites  — Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle — it looks like they are targeting big cities. I think that is a big mistake and waste of limited funds. The big city media are already well-practiced at ignoring “birthers” and the birth certificate issue. Those people are not going to risk their jobs reporting on it. WND needs surgical strikes on/in smaller markets. Look up interstate areas in the US that are highly traveled. Get the truckers, truckstops and RV Parks involved. AAA keeps records. They should also look into moving advertising. Lease advertising on the side panel trucks or even semis. That way they get the small media outlets and public access TV interested and hope it goes viral, which it will if they do it right.

One thing they got absolutely right was not connecting any name to the sign. Besides avoiding legal issues, there’s nothing better than curiosity. And the folks going in — much better than a phone call or email because there’s eye contact and a physical reality of the situation as fellow Americans – should never once mention barry’s name or the purpose of the sign. It should be a matter of fact I’m just doing my job to feed my kids sort of transaction – especially in the CBS-controlled sites. There shouldn’t be an all out assault or debate about evidence or anything else. A head shake and a look will go a lot farther than a tsk and an angry discussion.

And, if they take more pictures of the billboard to post on their website, they should have people standing around looking up at them. It says a lot more than a generic billboard with the the state route location and “Where’s the birth certificate?”. It says people are getting together and wondering and talking about where the birth certificate is and why they haven’t seen it. It shows the message doing its job.


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