Smithsonian birdstrike Feather Identification Lab

March 3, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Discovery Channel traveled to the Smithsonian Institute to learn more about birdstrike testing and analysis.

  • Smithsonian Feather Identification Lab
  • Carla Dove in charge [her name a coincidence?]
  • 600,000 species of birds available for comparison
  • ID approximately 4500 bird strikes a year
  • Bird bits called “snarge”
  • Look at microscopic, feathers, DNA
  • Last 20 years over 200,000 people killed by birdstrikes
  • 200 planes destroyed
  • 50% of Canada geese strikes cause damage

FINAL REPORT: Flight 1549 twin engine failure due to double birdstrike by Canada Geese

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