Capt Sullenberger gets Denison Texas welcome

June 6, 2009

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The denizens of Denison, Texas gave Capt Sullenberger a tremendous welcome home celebration. VIDEO.  He was in town to deliver the commencement speech at his alma mater, Denison High and also to pay tribute to surviving veterans of the D-Day invasion 65 years ago. Which was engineered by another home grown hero:  General Dwight David Eisenhower.

Sullenberger was given a key to the city and flags that had flown over The Alamo. Texas Gov Rick Perry presented Sullenberger with a legislative resolution and praised his safe landing, which saved the lives of 155 souls – only five of whom were injured.

He certainly has come a long way since his Danville homecoming when he stood stiffly and delivered just 73 words and seemed uncomfortable with the cheers and applause.

He thanked the widow of his Denison flight instructor and then asked his high classmates why they “weren’t this nice to me back in high school?”

Chesley Sullenberger

Denison High Schol  Class of 1969


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