Iran: Supreme Leader blames infidels for his impotence

June 20, 2000

Who can take the term “Supreme Leader” seriously?

Especially when it appears he can only do so by inciting well-choreographed chants of “Death to America”?

Is “Death to America” written somewhere in the Koran? Because it seems to a regular and fervent part of televised “prayer services” in the Muslim World.

He has decided there will be no revote because 11 million voted cannot be rigged. I’m sure there are a lot of ACORN workers and barrymedia who chuckled out loud when they heard that. And he thinks that hundreds of thousands of dissatisfied voters are going to stop because he decreed Ahmadinejad’s victory “absolute”.

And then he blamed the uprising in his own country, caused by his own corruption and impotence, on the infidels whose media isn’t allowed into the country, who cannot communicate through the internet and who can only see what’s going on through blurry cellphone video and photos.

Is the Arab World that ignorant?

And despite the fact that the infidel-in-chief has said nothing other than the US is watching, the world is watching, the right to assembly and free speech should be respected and that he’s not going to meddle because it’s up to the Iranian people to decide who leaders will be.

And what of the courageous protesters who are risking their lives because they have had enough of the Supreme Leader? Does he think they are going to settle right down when he calls them mindless puppets controlled by infidels?

SL: Some may imagine that street action will create political leverage against the system and force the authorities to give in to threats. No, this is wrong.

Then he admits there will be bloodshed and that he intends to do nothing to prevent it except declare that the protesters’ murders will instead be suicides.

SL: It must be determined at the ballot box what the people want and what they don’t want, not in the streets. I call on all to put an end to this method. … If they don’t, they will be held responsible for the chaos and the consequences.

If there is any bloodshed, leaders of the protests will be held directly responsible.

They will be held accountable for all the violence, bloodshed and rioting.

With these words he should be condemned in every civilized nation.

How many Arab countries will that include?

Just like the world bore witness to how the Arab World stood by and did nothing for the Palestinian people when Hamas was pounding Israel with missiles and still did nothing but incite hate and promise years of retribution when Israel finally defended itself, the world is bearing witness to their lack of concern on behalf of the Iranian people.

It is becoming very clear – if not already clear – that the Arab World is not interested in promoting peace and only get involved when they can spread hate and propaganda. Something they can no longer deny. And something they can no longer blame on the infidels.

Source: FOX

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