Flight 1549: Doreen Welsh interview (video)


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June 10, 2009

I came cross this in the drafts, which are too numerous for one person to humanly post. It is a Feb 8th interview KDKA TV (Pittsburgh) interview with Flight 1549 flight attendant Doreen Welsh. She relives the flight and how she felt at the time. She comes across much differently than she did in the national interviews with the rest of the crew, which turned some people off for some reason. Her experience was unlike anyone else’s, as she was the only person in the position of responsibility to be both physically and emotionally traumatized. Most notable in the interview is the fact that none of the four had flown together previously and yet they functioned as one. Remarkable.

Welsh was trashed again last week over the false AP report that she had opened the rear door not a passenger as she had claimed. The comment was attributed to a passenger sitting in the rear at the time who was due to testify at the NTSB safety hearing that commenced yesterday and will finish tomorrow. During his testimony at the hearing, he said he was not even aware that the rear door was open at the time and that he was only told about it later by Ms Welsh. He also said he hadn’t talked with the press for 3 months. During his testimony he said she was courageous and her actions heroic.

Watch here for Ms Welsh’s reactions to the passenger, Billy Campbell’s testimony and how she felt when her statements were questioned.

If a different video comes up type: WELSH FLIGHT 1549 and there should be three videos. Her interview Part 1 & 2 and the news story with snippets of the interview sliced in. Worth watching.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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