Radio show: Kerchner, Apuzzo, Andy Martin

June 30, 2009

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This is new information.

I am not up-to-date on Kerchner v Obama & Congress case but I ran across this if your interested. Here’s a link to a recent radio show Andy Martin, Charles Kerchner and Mario Apuzzo were on. I had no idea talk radio was such a business. They discuss barry’s eligibility and then the citizen grand juries, which I know nothing about either. Evidently they were to have had a big event in Washington yesterday.

From the Patriot Heart Network website:

On Sunday Jun 28 The Patriots Heart Network presents The Chalice Show.

For now, The Chalice Show, is committed to focus on two issues, (1) and The Eligibility Issue, and (2) the National Grand Jury. Here are two additional links related to the Grand Jury and the Eligibility Issue here. Chalice welcomes Andy Martin in the first hour. Andy will be with us to discuss the eligibility issue and the latest developments in his fight to secure the records of Mr. Obama. Mr. Martin has been investigating Obama since 2004 and currently has a lawsuit pending in HI. Mr. Martin is considered an advocate for truth.

In the second hour: Charles Kerchner and Mario Apuzzo will join the show with updates on the motion for dismissal in their case. Also, Chalice will discuss the Super Grand Jury presentments happening in DC on Mon 6/29 with Carl Swensson and Mack Ellis.


I’m listening to it as I post so if there’s something interesting I’ll add it.

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