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Sgt Crowley helps Prof Gates – barry ignores him

July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Beer summit = “Presidential stagecraft”

“Racist” Sgt Crowley helps Professor Gates down the stairs while barry looks at the camera.

Official White House photo

Roger Simon barry: “presidency of stagecraft”

July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009


Exchange between Chris Matthews and Roger Simon of Politico in reference to the beer summit photo op.

SIMON: It’s fascinating, because I’m fascinated by presidential stagecraft. But it’s not an accident this is happening.

MATTHEWS: Sergeant Crowley said, let’s do it. He was the stage man. SIMON: We now learned that Sergeant Crowley said, I hope we can all have a beer some day. First of all, it was the president of the United States who revealed that conversation. And then like the next day, 48 hours later, the White House suddenly says, yes, they’re all coming over here and we’re all having a beer.

This doesn’t happen by accident.

Like all pieces of stagecraft, it’s designed to sell an image and sell a message.

The image is strong president solves problems.

The message is racial harmony in America. He can bring people together.

Both of those are important.

That’s why, even though it’s three guys sitting around a picnic table, it’s a very important moment for the White House.

BS. He opened his damn mouth without knowing the facts – called the cops stupid and simply sided with the black man because he was caught off guard. Nothing more, nothing less.

A beer summit is an important moment for the WH.

Sets the bar, doesn’t it?

And who helped Prof Gates down the stairs and who rushed ahead to get in camera range first? (photo)

Has he said anything about race since his politically expedient race speech…other than calling his opponents racists?

And where was his beer summit with Tim Shriver and the Special Olympics?

Something barry never apologized for and something the barrymedia again gave him a pass on.

And Matthews gets to the heart of the issue – copying another president.

MATTHEWS: You know, it looks like he’s going to try to have one of these Middle East pictures with the guy on either side, the Arab on one side, the Israeli on the other. You’re right, he’s setting himself up as the summiteer.

Beer photo op to peace in the Middle East??


July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts (real posts)

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””&gt; Anti-birther: CBS&amp; Brian Montopoli « Citizens Against Pro-Obama …</a>

Anyone know how to stop these scumbags?

“Scum of the earth” anti-birthers go tabloid

July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts
Rep Reichert holds ground with tabloid anti-birthers

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this one. It’s like each barrymedia site is trying to outdo the other in proving how “crazy” birthers are — here they call them “lunatic fringe base” — and in the process demonstrate how ignorant they are. It’s always barry released his birth certificate. Here they have gone completely stalker tabloid – running after Republicans on the Hill and he’s not always sure who they are.

How many Democrats did they ask? And how many said they didn’t know?

How much effort would it take to sit in the WH briefing room and ask for a copy of the original birth certificate? Or email or text Gibbs?

Stalker video:

Birthers on the Hill:

Congressional Republicans…Are they nuts, or just held hostage to an irrational base?

Elected birthers. What’s gone wrong in America that we get people elected to national offices that believe this kind of cuckoo conspiracy stuff?

What does it say that the people who attack don’t have a clue about that which they’re attacking other people about?

Note that he says “Constitutionally permitted” not Constitutionally eligible.


Huffington Post/Firedoglake MIKE STARK (Stalker) and Brave New Films cameraman, BRETT VAUGHN

The Stalked:


MIKE STARK (STALKER): Do you believe barry was a natural born citizen of the United States and he’s Constitutionally permitted to serve as president?

The courts have said so.

What? See how little all these people know? The courts?

STALKER: So, you do believe?


The one woman they show he mocks and they do a disgusting buttocks shot as she runs up the stairs.


We’re all going to find out.

STARK: What do you believe, personally?

I’d like to see the documents.

STALKER: So you’re kind of afraid of the lunatic fringe base?

Professional. In the other vide he calls Rep Reichart’s Communications staffer “Communications Girl”. And he proudly refers to these two videos as a “journalism pieces”.

For Radaronline?

No matter what he thinks these are politicians and he should at least be respectful. This makes him no better than the Lady in Red in Delaware. He wants to know the same thing she did – just from different people. And he interrupts Rep Reichart on almost every sentence in the other video.


It’s certainly being looked at.

STALKER: What do you personally believe? Do you think there are questions here?

I think they’re are questions. We’ll have to see.

STALKER: You do believe there are questions. That’s good enough.

That last comment shows he’s out for specific sound bites. How many other folks did he run down? How many were Democrats? He should at least have the journalistic ethics — does that term still exist – to comment on how many folks he terrorized – including democrats.

Listen to what he says about the Constitution. Honestly, this is like Monty Python.


STALKER: I’m up on the Hill asking Republicans if they believe barry was born in the US.

[Can’t hear his answer.]

STALKER: It doesn’t matter to you? But you swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

Isn’t it amazing that these things apply to everyone but barry?


That’s a question he needs to answer not me. If he says he is…

You can’t tell me what you think. Do you think he was?

Well, he was my US Senator, so he said he was, so I believe he was.

He knows who barry is. Then stalkerazzi goes inside and admits he doesn’t even know who he’s stalking. This time he says “Constitutionally authorized“.  They film the unknown stalkee for 20 minutes. 20 minutes – who knows maybe more.


If we’re in America, and we are free, and we allow people to say–people stand on the sidewalk, and this gentleman gets to stand for what he believes in in the way he decides to because we’re in America.

MAN ON STREET holding cardboard box sign: He was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

[Reichart laughs.] See – there we go.

STALKER laughs: Sorry that wasn’t planned. You know that.

So my point is.

They don’t let him make it on this video but they do here.

Then stalker runs after someone he doesn’t know and has to ask if he is Dem or Rep. It’s Rep TOM PRICE, who refuses to identify himself so stalker jogs with him – insulting him all the way. Again, where’s the professionalism? But stalkerazzi’s too out of shape to follow Price up the stairs.

STALKER: What’s your name?

Are you Democrat or Republican?

I’ll race you.

Is this as fast as you can go?

You look like you’re in pretty good shape for an older guy.

PRICE: I don’t appreciate guys like you. You are the scum of the earth.


REP THADDEUS MCCOTTER (R-MI) Not someone to mess with.

I’ve nothing to talk about. I already said I’m Republican – I haven’t changed.

STALKER: Do you believe barry was born in the US? Is he constitutionally permitted to serve as president of the US?

I’m focused on healthcare issues.

STALKER: You can’t give a yes or no?

That’s the true value of these videos – documentation of their cluelessness.


Well, do you have some evidence that he is or isn’t?

STALKER: Chris Matthews held up his BIRTH CERTIFICATE on Hardball the other night.

AKA that worthless one-sided not acknowledged to have come from Hawaii COLB.

There was a process that was gone through and I think the process–

STALKER interrupts – a recurring theme: You refuse to say what you believe?

I just told you what I believe.

REP GREGG HARPER (R-MS) He is on the House Administration Committee that Rep Posey’s (R-FL) barry birth certificate bill [Bill H.R. 1530] was sent to. Added 10th cosponsor: Rep Louis Grohmert (R-TX)

Well, obviously the Constitution speaks for itself, and those requirements need to be met, and that’ll be up to others to look into that.

STALKER: So, you won’t say you believe that he was born in the US

I’ll say we have requirements for that and that’s up for others to determine and look into.


Actually, I believe barry was born in Hawaii, when Hawaii was a state, in the United States and therefore he is a Constitutionally natural born citizen of this country.

Stalkerazzi has taken off his sweaty shirt, ditched the messenger bag, put on a suit, grabbed a cup of coffee and gets the answer he was looking for. Who knew? Respect begets respect.

STALKER: That is the clearest expression from a Republican I’ve heard. It seems like all your friends are beholden to the lunatic fringe base.

I’ll be quite honest with you. When the information that came to us that put that in question There was alot of very fascinating information that put that in question. My office did an in depth research and we found birth records in the newspaper in Hawaii that couldn’t possibly have been forged.

He’s presuming the initial notices were legitimate. Notices with no name and listing an address barry’s family reportedly never resided at. And he never says he believed barry – just that he found some evidence that was enough for him.

STALKER: That’s right. Exactly. Newspapers reports of his birth.

So, that’s my perspective. You can’t go back and rewrite those. That is my perspective.

Now, let me say to you, probably there’s very few Republicans in the House that are more disappointed with barry for his position on abortion on demand and for standing by and letting Jihad gain traction in the work and for doing things to undermine our Constitution, returning us to a Socialist nation.

That being said: he is a citizen if the US.

STALKER: I’ll tell you what Congressman, because you gave me a frank, up front answer, I’m going to include everything you said. This will go up on the internet.


That’s why he looked right at the camera and said it. Why he explained to his district’s birthers the evidence he looked at.

And whose message came across?

The Republicans.

Stalker is the scum of the earth, barry approves of abortion, he won’t produce absolute proof of his citizenship, he’s made this a Socialist nation [again?], and he’s not interested in stopping the human detonators.

Who got the last laugh?

I thought Democrats were supposed to be open-minded tolerant people

July 31, 2009

July 30, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

Why do barryfans need to attack Congressional Republicans to bolster barry’s legitimacy?

Why aren’t folks with different core beliefs allowed to speak their minds, including declarations of wanting his plans to fail?

barry campaigned out loud that he wanted Bush to fail. In fact, he declared Bush to have failed.

So why aren’t the Republicans afforded the same?

There’s no guarantee barry’s plans are going to work and there’s no way to know the country will be better off because of them.

Why the need to attack every single person who has the audacity to question someone who got the nomination because of his fairy tale on Iraq and within a month of taking office went back on everything he said to get people to vote for him?

Why can’t they be skeptical of a man whose actions (if any) are dictated by political expedience?

Why the need for character assassination on the assaultee’s family?

What type of people choose to do this for a living? And do so with such relish, as if it’s some type of sport?

I thought Democrats were supposed to be open-minded tolerant people.

I have found them to be vicious attack dogs, who can spout the most rabid things about people in one post and in the next complain about a Republican doing the same. They are supposed to be racially tolerant and spend post after post calling people racists when what that person said was not remotely racist.

How does one choose to make a living trying – as Chevy Chase said of Gov Palin – to decimate someone each and every day?

How bad does one feel about themselves to find such a job rewarding?

Verbal glutton Herr Olbermann, after spending an hour ranting and raving and dispelling more hate into the atmosphere, has to name three people who are worse than himself just to make it through another day. All those words used to malign and destroy and when the show’s over he’s left with same self but less of a soul.

When he is alone, standing naked in front of the mirror, does the memory of those words make him stand tall?

He takes such pride in them he can’t possibly be aware of what they reveal: his fear of attractive and powerful women and envy and disdain of men more powerful but (deemed) less intelligent.

The only time I heard him say something remotely kind was when he talked about his recently deceased mother – and that was in a rant about what someone had posted about him.

Doesn’t he know that his words and attitude toward women are a direct reflection of the way his mother raised him? Of how he truly feels toward her?

If she really was a kind, loving woman, how is he honoring her by attacking other woman – and doing so in such a fundamentally personal way?

With some of the things he has said, it’s difficult to believe he respects any woman, least of all his mother.

Has he reproduced?

If so, someone should remind him that those are the only words his great granddaughter and her friends are going to know and remember him by.

Sen Inofe attacked re: birthers

July 31, 2009

July 30, 2009


Lou Dobbs vs “Teabagging Queen”

July 30, 2009


Deutschbag re Palin: “‘people’ don’t know how to deal with her sex appeal”

July 30, 2009

July 29, 2009


Deutschbag re Palin: “I want her laying next to me in bed”

July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009


Bud Light?

July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

Could someone please tell barry Belgium is not one of the 57 states and that being President of the United States and hosting Bostonians – the logical choice is Sam Adams?


WSJ/NBC poll: Gates-Crowley – Who was at fault?

The Obama File is CLOSED – lack of support

July 30, 2009

The Obama File – back up?

Note: Not updated from previous. I moved it up so folks would see it.

July 29, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

I wondered why we were getting such an inordinate amount of hits from the Library of Congress on a post from March about the Obama File  being picked up by them so I went to The Obama File and it’s “closed”.

He – Beckwith – says it’s because of lack of funding — not because he was shut down by anyone. I know some folks who gave up after Dr Fukino released her second statement declaring barry a “natural born citizen” – like she’s suddenly a Constitutional lawyer – but wow he was totally into it from the start. And he sounds totally dejected. Here is his statement. I’m posting it in its entirety in case his site completely goes off line or expires or whatever so folks can be enlightened. It really is a shame after all the ENORMOUS work he did – even though I wanted to I never got the chance to read much.

Can’t believe one person did all that. I thought there were several people. He’s got every right to be angry. It’s hard enough to keep this going as one person and we’re just a little site with no one relying on us as a source. I have to admit we didn’t go there much after Donofrio and Wrotnowski but we did link several times. Mainly, it was a huge morale boost that at least one site covered barry from all angles.

It’s sad. barryfans must be giving each other high fives and that makes it all the worse. I am so sorry. And I also admit I don’t know anything about running a blog for money or as a profession or whatever. And, whereas it’s the first thing you see on Berg, Taitz and Martin’s site, I don’t recall seeing it there. I don’t recall seeing it on Donofrio’s site. I don’t get the bandwith thing and I didn’t realize it was customary to donate to folks either. But I guess if you use the same site for links on your own site then it makes sense. We mainly use big sites like CNN and aren’t confined to right or left ones.

Did he mention it before or is this the first time? Guess I’ll never know. I wasn’t aware you could close a site. So whatever links there can’t be accessed anymore? I’ll have to find a link somewhere and check.

Do most people know to donate? We’ve only been doing this since August and we’re not that internet savvy and never blogged or really read any. If none of us knew – there has to be alot more. I hope he reconsiders allowing folks to at least make a payment even if he stays closed. There has to be a lot of folks who weren’t aware either. Wow. It’s sad. Him closing has to be a bigger victory than that worthless resolution and Dr Fukino’s still incomplete statement. It’s got to be their biggest victory on the internet.

This is wrong at the most fundamental level possible. Someone hell bent on fighting censorship, propaganda and media bias because of his conscience — and doing such a thorough job — should not have to shut down. Nobody from the right helped him out? They had to go there everyday looking for ammo against barry. This is wrong.

Well none of this is going to change things and there’s no reason why he would come here anyway but I’d like to apologize for all of us here being so ignorant and we would be more than willing to contribute to the cause. Thank you very much from our site for the information you provided and more importantly for the morale boost. You totally rocked and I hope you come back just to accept retroactive funding.


I just read his “read me” page and he goes by BECKWITH and is a retired veteran and that just makes things worse. He has a sitemeter counter and has had 1.6 MILLION visitors and 3.6 MILLION page reads with 10 THOUSAND pages read today. And there quite a few referrals from the same website. A big well known website. Imagine if folks just gave him a penny a page.

Thank you, Mr Beckwith. Please reconsider accepting funds from folks like us who had no idea. What you did matters. A great deal.



Lack of support

You all deserve an explanation.  No, Obama, nor the Obots shut me down.  You guys did.

I didn’t get into this for the money.  As I say on my Read Me page, “My agenda is simple and clear.  I am opposed to a socialist sitting in the Oval Office — especially one that employs teams of lawyers and the legal system to hide his questionable background from the American People.”

But, I’ve had a PayPal “Contribute” button on my site for over a year.  Every day, I get 200 to 300 emails.  50 Of them from folks that tell me I’m a patriot, or they’re praying for me, or the site is invaluable, blah, blah, blah.  None of those emailers ever clicked the PayPal button.

I’ve been reading those emails for months, and instead of making me feel good, they disappointed me.  I spend 8 to 10 hours a day at this — 7 days a week, and with the exception of a local guy who sent me two $100 hits a year ago, I have received from my loyal readership $40 in contributions in the last 16 months — while my bandwidth steadily increased.

Right now, my email box is full of emails telling me how valuable the site is, and please don’t take it down — oh yeah, and I’m a patriot.  Not one of those emailers has ever sent me 5 bucks.  I’m a strong believer in non-verbal communication.  Flattery doesn’t pay the bills.

This isn’t about money.  I do not want any contributions at this point.  If you send me any money, I will just send it back — and I’ll pay the PayPal fee — costing me more money.

I realize I sound bitchy, but I’m discouraged — yeah, and angry.  You want me to fight the fight, but you don’t want to give me any bullets.

I’m done.  I’m going to the beach.

Dr Fukino statements 1 & 2 (pdf copies)

July 30, 2009

July 29, 2009


FOX NEWS POLL: Sarah Palin future

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

July 21-22
+/- 3%

What would you like to see Sarah Palin do next?
Homemaker 32%
TV talk show host 17%
Vice President 14%
College Professor 10%
President  6%

Radio Show Host is the best guess.

I didn’t know they used the term homemaker – I thought it was SAHM – stay at home mom.

Or the preferred term of barryfans: MILF.


Bonus sexism brought to you by MSNBC:

Donny Deutsch: “[Palin] doesn’t seem to be a complete media whore”
Donny Deutsch: “Hillary being 68 with no problem with a man”
Larry O’Donnell: “We get more endowed in bed”
Deutschbag re Palin: “I want her laying next to me in bed”
Deutschbag re Palin: “‘people’ don’t know how to deal with her sex appeal”

O’Donnell: “We get more endowed in bed”

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


Poll: Gates-Crowley: Who was at fault?

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Sgt Crowley helps Prof Gates while barry walks ahead
“Presidency of stagecraft”

July 17-20
+/- 3.1

Who is at fault?

Professor Gates 27%
Sgt Crowley 11%
Equally at fault 29%
Don’t know enough 31%

Why did it take 9 days to come out?

And there was one person who was fault it was not – Ms Lucia Whalen.

What has barry done to make it right to Ms Whalen, who had been trashed to death because he waded into it?

Nothing can undo what he said.

Nothing can undo the vile things that were said to her – words that can never be unheard.

And she comes out and gives a non-blaming statement – her husband mouthing the words trying to help her get through it. It was heart-breaking and it didn’t need to happen. And it happened because of barry.

And who did he extend the offer of a beer to?

The men. She said no thanks barry.

How much will barrymedia leave her alone and respect her privacy now that they got their statement?

The folks who talk about “real Americans” need look no further than her.

Just imagine what would have happened had President Bush said a black police officer acted “stupidly” right after acknowledging he didn’t know what happened?

Double Standard.

Alive and well.

Deutsch: “Hillary being 68 with no problem with a man”

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


Deutsch: “[Palin] doesn’t seem to be a complete media whore”

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


Dr Fukino Statement #2

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


HuffPo hires Axelrod’s son

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Remember how crazed they were about “blago” and “Chicago Politics”? Chicago politics, I might add, that never included barry, or Mrs Obama, who was schooled in it as a child.

Well, pay to play is alive and well. Huffington Post got barry elected and in doing made their way to the top of the blog ratings. And they did so well, they expanded to Chicago (surprise), New York and Colorado with plans for LA next. The Colorado site goes up in September and the new editor is David Axelrod’s fresh out of college 22 y/o son Ethan. It appears the Colorado site will follow the original: no experience necessary to write barry propaganda and no ethics needed to destroy all of his naysayers – political or private.

Axelrod’s first quote, already a spin on pops getting him the job:

I’ve been interested in journalism for a while. I heard through my father that they were expanding, so I applied for it.

He reportedly was interviewed along with other candidates.

Wonder if they knew they had no chance at getting the job?

And it appears junior Axelrod has been watching old footage of Mr Walter Cronkite:

I’ve always been a follower and admirer of news reporting.

Source: Washington Post’s HOWARD KURTZ, who had a nice way of announcing the new hire:

Ethan Axelrod is joining the Huffington Post, the liberal Web site that has been largely supportive of President Obama. sr

Ethan Axelrod ******** David Axelrod

Media Matters: Dobbs’ promoting racist conspiracies

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

Who owns Media Matters?

The smell of their desperation in going after Lou Dobbs comes right through the screen. They can’t possibly expect people to believe they are not in barry’s pocket…or vice versa. They’ve set up their little Let’s take it out on Lou Dobbs anti-birther site: “Dobbs Conspiracy” and the banner is “CNN’s Dobbs Problem”.

Why are they so panicked about this?

If barry’s legit – why the need for such madness?

CNN is second only to MSNBC/NBC as barryTV. Non-barryfans stopped watching it over a year ago when they made clear they hated “Hillary” and were in love with barry. People who watch Lou Dobbs aren’t about to be signing their don’t pick on barry petition nor are they about to stop watching Lou Dobbs. And they are sick of the probarry bias, which this is just enforces.

What site tracks down who owns these media outlets and how much their employees gave to barry? Huffington post didn’t wait long for their pay to play by hiring David Axelrod’s 22 y/o son, Ethan, for their Colorado editor.

Anyway. Here’s their video equating Lou Dobbs with G. Gordon Liddy “convicted felon”, Alan Keyes “habitual fringe candidate” [how is this not considered racist? Imagine if someone said that about barry. The NAACP is biased themselves.], Orly Taitz and the lady in red, which ends with “You’re in good company, CNN”.

What is the investigative benefit of this?

How can they possibly believe they can ever be looked at as any type of neutral investigative whatever?

This is a direct personal assault and there is no way to hide it. Whoever owns Media Matters is in barry’s pocket and that’s what this is about. Period.

And here they flat out call Lou Dobbs a racist:

We need to present CNN with an overwhelming public response to Dobbs’ relentless promotion of these conspiracy theories tinged with racism.

That is beyond wrong and by saying it they are no different than the lady in red.

What does CNN think about being called a network that sanctions the promotion of “conspiracy theories tinged with racism.”?

HR 593: barry was born in Hawaii

July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009


LaTroy Hawkins’ mouth does it again

July 29, 2009

July 28, 2009

Well, Cubfans, don’t you think Hawkins should ask for a transfer back to the AL?

He couldn’t keep his mouth shut when he arrived here with his ‘don’t expect me to talk to the media’ and then last night – after he pist off an umpire, Mike Everitt, who already had a headache from taking one on the chin – and got ejected he said:

HAWKINS: I thought it was a strike. And I told him, ‘Come on, I need that pitch. He don’t need any help.’ He said, ‘Knock it off.’ I waved him off and he threw me out of the game. Maybe he was having a bad day. I thought he had determined who he wanted to win the game anyway.

And that was after he had 5 innings to chill out. After having all night and all day to think about it a Houston reporter asked if he regretted it.

HAWKINS: Why would I? I have my own opinion, and he had his opinion. He thought I was showing him up. I saw [Alex Rodriguez] do way worse [when I was in the American League]. He undressed the umpire. Whatever he said, it was in his face. It’s America, dude.

It’s gonna be your paycheck, dude.

Have to say he is the only pitcher I have seen strike out the side with 9 pitches. Now if he could have that kind of control over his lips…

He was put on the 15-day disabled list because of shingles (back).

Buehrle surpasses Jenks, retires 45 straight, loses

July 29, 2009

July 28, 2009

Congratulations to Mark Buehrle…again.

Yes, I’m a Cubfan. But being a Cubfan means you’re first and foremost a fan of the game, which includes respecting history.

On the heels of his perfect game, Mark Buehrle (11-4) went 5 2/3 more perfect innings before giving up a walk and ultimately losing the game – leaving after retiring only two more batters.

Last time out it was 27 in a row Devil Rays for the 18th perfect game in MLB history. No pitcher has ever thrown back to back perfect games and only one (s Johnny VanderMeer in 1938) has thrown back to back no hitters.

In 2007, Buehrle pitched a no-hitter and Bobby Jenks (reliever) tied the record for retiring 41 in a row. (Jim Barr 1972 also) To break it, Buehrle had he had to retire former teammate Joe Crede, who obliged by hitting a one hop grounder to short that ended with a nice scoop by Konerko. Jenks smiled and applauded.

Buehrle had the 46th batter 0-2 but ended up walking him and then gave up the no-hitter with the next batter. His shut out ended with a fly to left that should have been caught by Podsednik.

Here’s a look at his pitches:

Pitches Swung on Missed
July 23 116 54 8
July 28 72 38 4
Total 188 92 12

Ms Walsh: birthers “into the taboo of interracial sex for the crazies”

July 28, 2009

July 2, 2009


Anti-birther: CBS’ Brian Montopoli

July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

I’ve decided to include some snippets of folks’ posts/articles I come across. This one comes from CBS Political Hotsheet’s BRIAN MONTOPOLI” (July 23) Who Are the Birthers?

1- He includes the picture below and it’s clear he doesn’t know what a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (COLB) is from a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth (birth certificate) and yet writes:

the Obama campaign posted his birth certificate (here it is)

Just a link to that worthless one-sided COLB.

[birthers] argued that the birth certificate is a fake

Nobody’s seen the birth certificate except Dr Fukino and her male colleague. Nobody knows if the birth certificate is a fake and nobody knows if that COLB he calls a “birth certificate” is real – not even the spokeswoman For the Hawaii Dept Of Health who examined it. He quotes politifact but it seems missed that part. [Emphasis added]

The din eventually got loud enough that some reputable organizations checked out the birthers’ claims – and they found no evidence to support them. In fact, there was overwhelming evidence against such claims, including Mr. Obama’s 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers. Here’s one detailed investigation [Factcheck – direct connection to barry], and here’s another. [Politifact – cites factcheck]

Neither call it by the correct legal name – both call it a “Birth Certificate”. Their ‘”factchecks” are meaningless by that alone.

As much as the MSM wants folks to believe they are – they are not the same and are two very different things. The COLB certifies that the birth certificate exists. Use the magnifying glass provided and read the title of the document. It’s not a birth certificate.


And if you asked this man, what are the chances he knows the difference?

2 – Birthers are racists:

Conspiracy theories often flourish in the wake of traumatic or game-changing events…. and the election of America’s first black president has been no exception.

3 – Birthers are conspiracists. He quotes MICHAEL BARKUN, “an expert in conspiracy theories and professor of political science at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University”. Mind you he doesn’t say what Mr Barkun used to generalize or determine that it is in fact a “conspiracy”. Ben Smith at Politico quoted an urban legendist. But the birthers are the nutballs. [Emphasis added]

There are people out there who firmly believe that the truth is always hidden, regardless of whether it’s about politics or science or any other subject. That whatever is presented as public knowledge is necessarily false. That the truth is always hidden from them, regardless of what the subject is.

They give people a feeling that we know the truth. That we have secret knowledge, and that we know how the world really works. In a sense, we’re part of a kind of elite of those who know and everybody else is misled or are trapped by illusions.

Who is he referring to? In this case the truth is hidden and they – the non-birthers – feel they know the truth.

4 – Birthers are all loonies like Lady in Red in Delaware. Helps make their case.

5 – Birthers are plotters – Rep Posey’s birth certificate bill is related to barry even though it’s for future elections. This election Congress had to have a hearing on Sen McCain so why wouldn’t they want it…unless barry can’t produce one or 2012. barry has to sign it into law doesn’t he?

requiring presidential candidates to submit a birth certificate, a wink and a nod action that he maintains is somehow not related to the birthers’ claims.

6 – Birthers are all Republicans. He quotes Atlantic’s MARC AMBINDER, CBS News’ chief political consultant:

birthers now wear the term ‘birther’ as badge of honor, as if they were a persecuted minority

Lou Dobbs, Rep Poe, Orly Taitz, Alan Keyes and G Gordon Liddy weren’t persecuted by the MSM?

Republican presidential candidates need to figure out how to diffuse angry birthers who are bound to show up and demand their attention

And the easiest way is to see what is on the birth certificate. And yet all these folks would rather write these articles that just reveal how little they know.

And what does that do?

Makes those angry birthers angrier.

The fact they always leave out: this issue is still alive because of barry. The whole situation could be diffused if he released his birth certificate and he could have done this a year ago. He chose not to.

Where is the “anti-birthers” simple logic?

Why doesn’t barry just produce it?

God forbid they take the next step: Why is barry spending hundreds of thousand  – I think it is well over a million – dollars to prevent the release of something that costs less than $20?

Really and truly, who are the delusional nuttos incapable of rational thought?

Secretary Clinton: “I broke my elbow, not my larynx”

July 28, 2009

July 16, 2009

This was back when the MSM said Secretary Clinton was being shoved aside because she had been incognito with her fractured elbow. 100K miles in 7 months? And had she not fractured her elbow she would have gone to Russia – though Joe Biden seem to have enjoyed his time in the Ukraine.

So the press asked her if she was being edged out and whether things were ok between her and barry. (As if she would say.)


I broke my elbow, not my larynx.

Same press corps wanted to know if her cast was attached to her.

GIBBS LIES re: birth certificate, nobody challenges him, WH transcript incomplete

July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009


Matthews re: Jon Stewart birther rant

July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

Full Jon Stewart rant

(7-24) Matthews Sideshow: Jon Stewart carries the conspiracy theory to its logical conclusion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


MATTHEWS:  Time for the “Sideshow.”

First up, speaking of the birther movement, Comedy Central‘s Jon Stewart carried the conspiracy theory to its logical roots last night, showing the ends to which some people believe, must believe that other people went to get this fellow into the White House.  He calls it the old Kenyan prince birth announcement scam.

JON STEWART, HOST, “THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART”:  Here is how it goes. You want to destroy America from the inside, but you can‘t, because you‘re a foreigner. So, first, you got to find yourself a good old American willing to reproduce with you.

Then, you have that child on foreign soil, while simultaneously placing the birth announcement for that child in one of our fringe states‘ local newspapers…… your Hawaiis, your Alaskas, your Pennsylvanias.  You heard me.

And then…Hold on.

You wait… until this baby is a middle-aged man.

Now the trap is set. You just sit back and let that child go out and win the election for president of the United States.

MATTHEWS:  Thanks, Jon.

Jon Stewart re: Lou Dobbs & birthers

July 27, 2009

THANK YOU to ED DARRELL for finding this post.

July 24, 2009

Updated list of birth certificate posts

Jon Stewart tees off on Lou Dobbs and the birthers and in the process provides some humor. Though the last laugh is on him since he chose to use Kitty Pilgrim as the bastion of truth. What are these folks going to do when the actual birth certificate is released and they have to watch these tapes over again? And who doesn’t think that lady in red is absolutely as off as the previous John McCain lady in red? They find the most extreme example and lump everyone together. Makes them no more credible.

He calls Orly Taitz the “lost Gabor sister” and then proceeded to make fun of her credentials: lawyer, dentist, real estate agent. Why is she putting all that up there?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

JON STEWART: (profanity included)

Are you looking to have a botched root canal, sue for the damages, and then use the settlement money to buy the house of your dreams?

If so, you can call me, Orly Taitz, you’re one stop shopping for all things tooth, legal and shelter related.

And then he goes into a shouting match — much the same as Roland Martin, who Lou Dobbs had to tell to chill the hell out.

What is going on here?

Can we just get to the bottom of this?

Can anyone just show the proof that Obama was born here?

Then he shows Kitty Pilgrim [full CNN segment video/text] of all people talking about the birth certificate, quoting factcheck, Gov Lingel (Pilgrim does not provide the “on record” quote and I’ve never seen it) and then the birth notices in the paper, which I find hysterical. Folks would rather pin their money on birth notices in a paper anyone could have run (even though they claim otherwise) rather than look at the actual paper that names the actual hospital, the actual the date and the actual doctor. I don’t understand this madness. If it’s all legit release it.

That was Kitty Pilgrim debunking this myth on July 17th.

“Debunking this myth” when they don’t even know where barry was born – as in what hospital – not even Gibbs.

On videotape dated July 20th, selective, incomplete quote:

LOU DOBBS: The questions won’t go away because they haven’t been dealt with.

And away Stewart goes…


Your own fucking network?!

And that was Kitty Pilgrim filling in for you on your show!

She debunked that theory – filling in for you on your show!


Her last name is Pilgrim…how much more American can she get?

Dave Letterman style:

Don’t you remember you came in the next day after she hosted and your seat was warm and didn’t have the mean old man smell anymore?

With an address and no name:

For FUCK’S SAKE, Lou, the local papers in Hawaii announced Barack Obama’s birth!

And then his own comedic conspiracy theory:

Ohmigod, Barack Obama’s running the old Kenyan Prince Birth Announcement Scam….

When the scam bit is over:

We laugh. It’s a laughable issue. It’s the kind of issue reasonable people dismiss.

Then, it really gets funny. He shows Chris Matthews (Hardball Sideshow about Stewart’s rant), who has been waving that piece of paper around that says in big letters across the top: CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH, while proclaiming it’s the birth certificate and saying “native born” not “natural born”, talking with Rep Campbell who in response to Matthews’ question says “as far as he knows” barry’s a native born citizen. [Full hardball segment video/text]

…And I have no reason to believe Congressman Campbell spends his time surreptitiously giving out dollar tug jobs at the local rest stop.

All I’m doing is introducing legislation to make sure next time we catch this motherfucker.

Interesting wordage, isn’t it?


Dear Media Matters: What hospital was barry born in?

July 27, 2009

July 26, 2009