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July 1, 2009

birth certificate posts

Yes, James. Long time no hear. Thought you gave up on the birth certificate issue for the sake of your blood pressure? Folks are re-emerging with the hopes that Kerchner v barry & Congress might actually get somewhere.  A case we never covered. Funny just with that. I took a quick look at it yesterday and it seems they’ve gone the violating of the Amendment’s route. I’m going to post the scribd documents for folks not familiar with it either.

I can’t see anyone getting past standing. Not even for the judge to allow discovery. Isn’t there a single judge appointed for life who could tolerate being forced to retire or maybe is already about to retire who could get involved? Someone with the simple curiosity to wonder why a defendant is spending over $1M fighting something he doesn’t need to. Talk about frivolous and wasting the Court’s time. Just one judge to say let me see that COLB in my hand and produce the folks who (created) vetted it.

I wish someone would find a way to sue factcheck. That’s a way to examine that COLB as just a document. A document they are professionally vouching for on their website. There has to be many more incidents where they’ve lied or done a biased or incomplete factcheck for barry’s sake. Show they have a pattern of deception or flat out fraud and it brings into question every single one of their factchecks – including that COLB.

Berg and Taitz are suing each other while they both continue to take donations and promise they will fight on! Berg’s sealed case was “dismissed with prejudice” which is now unsealed and he is filing a “motion to reconsider“. He was going after barry for financial fraud — cashing his paycheck when he didn’t meet the criteria for senator. Creative. His other ones are still alive technically. His local lawyer for Col Hollister, John D Hemenway, is on a letter writing campaign [worth reading] and is appealing the ranting judge’s ridiculous outrage. Orly Taitz has an upcoming hearing on July 13th re: barry default – hinging on whether or not he was adequately served. I’m not sure if it’s the same case where the process server went to the WH and got turned away by the Secret Service and then ended up at the DOJ.’ They couldn’t get the subpoenas right with Occidental College – not having a lot of faith they did so with this. Andy Martin wasn’t even aware of the latest ruling on his original case – has to start all over. But his FOIA is still alive. He says he has 500-700 pages of bury them with paper to look through. And as far as I understand the birth certificate could actually be in there. Donofrio I lost track of. Citizen Grand Jurys were to have something on the 29th in Washington.

Not all of these updates are posted yet. Follow the link up top. You seemed to have started the exodus and I’m the only citizen left and it’s too massive a job to cover everything. We have a bunch of new subscribers and I have no idea what they’re interested in reading – no one even comments anymore – so they get what they get. It would be nice to have some clue. I would prefer to just write essays, but in the spirit of the original intent of our site I’ll try to carry on. And  yes – your favorite – polls. I have a bunch to post plus the final results from our original site, which I have been neglecting to post on. And on top of everything else a huge amount of posts just disappeared–one again yesterday. Who has something against Vietnam veterans? No idea.

As to your last question – yes, I’ve heard of barry’s alleged Kenyan birth certificate being auctioned on ebay. That the seller, who has sold other things, allegedly went to Kenya and found it and it’s 100% authentic and the Kenyan people believe barry is a real Kenyan leading the United States…. Grandma Sarah is about as credible as barry. She said she was Muslim and then a Christian and now is a Muslim again. It’s on the level of that dude in Africa, who was really in Holland or somewhere that said he had the Michelle Obama tapes.

The main problem being Ebay doesn’t allow the selling of birth certificates and a guy whose sold stuff before has to know that and has to know that he can be tracked down.

eBay policy:

Government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents are not permitted on eBay.

The following items may not be listed on eBay: Birth certificates, driver’s licenses or passports. Further, completed applications for such documents containing personal information may not be listed.

Patience. The key is Indonesia – whether he gave up his citizenship. It will come out…but what will barry have done to make someone finally come forward? And how badly damaged will his daughter’s futures be?

Just a wonderment since you are a techie. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER OR AM ADVOCATING SUCH A THING. Is every hacker a Democrat or barryfan? Folks nowadays don’t have a lot of scruples – especially hackers – and it’s hard to believe some Cheeto-eating keyboarder out there hasn’t done it just to do it. They got into the Pentagon and other places – how hard would Factcheck’s website be? Maybe someone already has and Big Brother Google caught them.

Oh well. There’s your update as far as I am aware. Feel free to start posting again. There are 2,972 drafts waiting for you!

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